Monday, October 16, 2017

Parents Evening (between the lines)

Parents evening tonight, all was good, no problem. Here are a few things that was said and I have read between the lines.

Takes her role as one of the older one very seriously and help run the class. (Bossy).

Has recently widened her friendship group. (Fallen out with her firend and has had to rethink who she plays with).

Her confidence had increased. (She has got louder).


Is eager to finish his work. (Rushes and can make mistakes).

Increase in confidence. (Louder).

Likes to share his ideas and always thinks he is right. (Thinks he is always right whatever anyone else says, even when proof is in front of him).

Thankfully these are only minor things and both children are doing well, settled in nicely and are happy. James is enjoying lessons and sharing his ideas and show enthusiasm. He reading is coming along nicely. Penny is bubbly, confident, she listens well and responds appropriately.  She is doing well with her phonics and numbers. 

Both John and I are very please and proud of both of them. They are doing brilliantly.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Wrinkly fingers

Izzy has just had her bath. Getting out she was very insisted that her toes hurt.
Had a look couldn't see anything. Then her Dinger (finger) hurts. Then the other finger. She kept looking at it saying it hurts and ow.
Finally I figured it out, she was distressed at the fact her fingers had gone winkly from the bath. She had just gone down to Daddy to show him her fingers.

Monday, October 09, 2017

Cornwall. A grown ups holiday.

Last week, I was able to escape for a few days away to Cornwall with Mum, Katie and Rod. Despite feeling incredibly guilty at leaving the kids, we had a really good few days away. Bit of worrying start as my car was playing up so we had to have a swap about. Mum and I drove to Katie Wednesday evening to break up the journey. We arrived by Thursday afternoon and  headed straight to the Eden Project to make the most of their free returns ticket. After a wonder round we headed to find the pub we were stopping at. It was tucked away in a quiet village down some pretty hairy one track roads. The apartment was lovely.
Rod had pre-booked a meal at Rick Stein seafood restaurant. The meal was lovely, super expensive, but so nice. It was somewhere I would never have gone to and absolute extravagant treat. Mum and I shared a huge seafood platter with razor clams, oysters, mussels, a whole lobster and crab, scallops and all sorts of yummy seafood.
The next day we visited the Lost Gardens of Heligan. I enjoyed here more than The Eden Project. The vegetable gardens were stunning and the talk with the garden was really interesting. We also visited Mevagissey on a search for rock for the kids. We had a look at the sea and a trip to the pub. That evening we eat at the Kings Arms where we were staying. I enjoyed the pie and mash there as much as the Rick Stein meal, it was lush.
A lazy morning, the next morning followed by more Eden project and that evening a Beer festival. I stuck to cider, mango begining one of the nicest. As we couldn't get a taxi back to the pub we decided to brave the rain, dark and incredibly narrow road and walk back. We ventured of track down a brideway, squeching through mud, puddles and goodness knows what else. Thankfully, the landlady of the pub happened to drive past and offered us a lift.
Another lazy morning, mainly due hangovers, followed by packing up ready to go home. We had a bit of lunch at a pub near Bath and headed home. Had a really nice time.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

DIY painting nightmare. (Don't buy Homebase Home of colour paint)

Our house is painted Almond white throughout, it has been since we moved in 5 years age. However, in each room there is a child height dark smears, sticky hand prints and marks where battering toys on the wall is a fun activity. Time for a freshen up and a change of colour.
As I'm pretty ropey at DIY I thought I would start in the bathroom, which contains a green bath suit, so it need all the help it can get. I decided not to venture to far from the Almond white so headed to grey. I thought I could bling it up with a glitter mirror and yellow accessories. I picked Homebases, home of colour paint in Dove grey, thinking it was a bit cheaper, how different could paint be?
From there it starts to go down hill.
The colour instead of a slight grey is quite dark making the small room look even smaller. The paint is absolutely crap, crapity, crap crap. When it is painted on instead of staying on the walls it moves around and comes off. I started sing a brush because there are lots of nooks and cranies but changed to a roller. The rollor was a slight improvment but I ended up with more on me than the walls. Changed to a paint pad which is better but the paint just seems to not want to stick or dry. The edges and corners which I did with a brush are completely a different shade compared to the rest of the walls. Considering I'm going over Almond white paint I thought it woukd only take 2 coats, I'm currently on my third and I can still see white peeking through. It is driving me up the walls.

Lesson learnt, don't buy cheap paint. Especially, Homebase, Home of colour.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Idiot child.

I think the youngest maybe a bit of a special Ed. She is currently going through phase of shoving stuff up her nose. Today it was sweetcorn, it had me in a panic before John  managed to get her to blow it out. Despite being told no she is still going at it.
They other two didn't do this. I'm having to check her nose most days as I think she has stuffed something up there. Peas and sweetcorn are also off the menu for a while until she stops.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Today Iz and I visited Dad. He has just had a hip op and can't get out. So we went to entertain, though Iz entertained more than me. She charmed him with her "pleases" and impressed him with her count up to 6. She isn't overly chatty with other people but today she was top form.
However, she did let it slip in Pizza Hut by crying and running round, however a balloon soon sorted it out. She hasn't let go of the balloon until bedtime.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Per Chriatmas clear out.

Much to the childrens dismay, we are attempting a clear out before the Father Christmas arrives.
The though of getting rid of anything has already sent Penny into tears. James is asking how much we can sell stuff for and can he keep the money and can he sell his sisters stuff (at least he wasn't trying to sell his sisters). Izzy hasn't a clue. So you can bet it will be her stuff with get the chop.
I've already make a start by passing a few larger baby toys to a friend with year old twins. The wooden train set was going but when we brought it down this happened.