Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fun, sand and frolics

So Summer hols are all most over and we have filled every moment of it to the brim. We have been on lots of weekends away and days out. Just to list a few, Finding Dory, Bowling, amusements, Fox Talbot, Hot air balloons, Belton, picnics, play dates, camping, fires and marshmallows,  glamping, Wales and paddling. Dovedale, walks in woods, splash pools, rivers, dingys, rides, slides, Heckington show, BBQs, dentists, optitions and haircuts,  caravans, wooden huts, tents and hotels. Sand, donkeys and so much more.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mummy Penny

Penny has recently enjoyed playing Mummy's with her babies. Up until now she her dollies have sat under her bed. Apart from Dolly who never leaves her side.
This is Penny feeding her baby.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Spa, picnics and Wooki es.

We have started our Summer holidays early. Thanks to a wowcher voucher i managed to get 5 hours at Belton Wood Spa for 2 people for  £12 including pastries and coffee. Bargain. Col and I went there Wednesday. Really enjoyed catching up and chilling out. The spa was OK, bit rough round the edges, building work was going on which didn't help. The pool was lovely though.
Yesterday Jam├ęs was at the zoo with school so we ventured out to Belton house for aa play and picnic. Penny enjoyed all the attention, we even when on the train.
Penny has been watching Star Wars, thanks to Uncle Rod, both James and Penny play Where's Wooki while watching it. Much to my amusment and John embarrassment Penny has taken to shouting "there's Wooki." at men with beards.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Loving the allotment

So after a few days of not keeping up with the lottie, we all, including Iz who slept through the whole thing, desended on the alloment to venture war on the weeds. 2 hours later we manged to clear half of it. The kids had picked everything that was ready and eaten about half of it before we got home. They loved it, they found raspberries, peas, spring onions, the last of the strawberries, beetroot,  blackcurrants and lettuces. The excited of digging and finding potatoes. All of us were rooting looking for them. I'm surprised anything grows as the kids trample everything and John pulled up all the swedes thinking they were weeds. I love it.
Spend the rest of the afternoon freezing peas, boiling beetroots to make beetroot and brie pie, and making potato salad. Yummy.
Other news Iz is now crawling around, looking in drawers and generally being nosey. She is even trying to stand but can only get one leg up. Tonight she had a tooth peeping thought. My little girls gummy smile of going.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Level 2

This week something seems to have clicked with James reading. He has always read his school books most evenings. Last week his teacher went though all his words with him and as a result moved him up a reading level. I think this has boosted his confidence no end and suddenly ZOOOOOOM. He is engaged and excited to be reading and aiming to get to the next level.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Funny Penny

Little things Penny says

What's up guys?

Bub bly = butterfly

I'm not monkey, I'm Penny.

I received a pair of shoes in the post. Penny was very excited to open one. The got a "WOW, there's two." As she opened the other one.

"James, wear Anne dress."
"Ohh, but it's lovely" stroking dress. "James wear Anna."
"But it's lovely, lovely."

Today she wanted Anna hair, after putting it into 2 little plaits, she popped on her Anna dress. I shown her herself I  the mirror. "I'm beautiful." Slightly narastic but complete correct.

"I love it" and "I don't love it"

"My foots got headache."

Penny doesn't do PE at nursery she calls it PE kits.

Learning to sew

As the title states I'm trying to teach myself to sew and dressmaking. So far I've managed to create some rather pretty pillow dresses using a pattern for Penny. It has taken a few attempts to get the seams right as I hate them left messy. I've mastered French Seams to keep the inside looking lovely and neat. I have also made aprons with pockets and a fabric box for James. Today make was a pair of shorts again for Penny. I'm quite pleased with them and Penny is a very grateful recipient who tells everyone she meets who has made her pretty clothes. She also helps me wind the bobbin up and does her own sewing by putting pins into fabric.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Nothing to give.

I have nothing to hold
No kisses to give
No cuddles to warm you
I can't dry your tears
I can't make you better
For a short time you were our world
Our future
Our family
Our joy
You were loved for the moment you were there
You will be loved always.

8 months

My little baby is getting more mobile by the day. In the last few weeks she has gone from a wobbly sitting position surrounded by cushions for protection to humping her bottom in a weird shuffle while sitting to get about to realising if she is sitting up and leans forward on to her tummy she can reach things. While she on her tummy she can spin herself round like a parashooter. I think it will only be days before she figures out that if she lifts her tummy up she will be able to crawl. I wonder if she will go backwards like her brother did.
Other news, Penny is back to her normal self, I think the chicken pox wore her out, hence the major tantrums. Luckily she is back to her fun loving self. Today she was mainly wearing her Skye from Paw Patrol costume. She acts like a dog and demands pats, flying and pup treats. She is a funny little thing.