Monday, February 26, 2018

Happy birthday James.

Last Tuesday, my lovely little boy turned 7, no longer little. Thankfully he still like cuddles and snuggles up against you on the sofa, enjoys sitting on my knee at any opportunity and insists that I help him with his lego.

He is no angel, but he can be helpful, funny and charming. He is clever and friendly and a fantastic big brother. We are so luck he is in our family as he brightens it up everyday.

His birthday party was at home and minecraft themed, cake, balloons, games and lots of friends and food.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Oh dear, sweeties gone.

Sneaky Izzy. Popped her in bed, I went downstairs. I heard her get out of bed and go into our room, the back to her own room. Then her hear her do it again. Few minutes later,  she came downstairs. So I popped her back. While hunting for her menagerie of teddies, I put my hand under her pillow only to feel something lump on the inside of the case. When checking it was full of Smarties. She had been sneaking into our room, where there was a tube from Christmas still hanging around and collecting them. Anyway, I let her eat them, snuggled her back in and when back downstairs, with the smarties . Minutes later, I hear the patter of feet going to our room and a sad voice saying"Oh dear, sweeties gone." Then off she goes to sleep.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Christmas 2018

Penny was up at 3.45am luckily there was a slight nod to the fact Santa had been (she didn't bring her stocking in) then snuggle sleepily in between us. Which meant I go no sleep for the rest of the night.
James pops up with an excited "Santa been". Bit dismayed at us shushing him as Penny was still asleep. 10mins later they are both ripping paper off. Katie popped in to join us (quite a bed full).
They woke Izzy at 7 to open hers. She has yet to understand the Father Christmas leaves presents but she certainly know who Father Christmas is. 
Then flying downstairs to a mass of presents. 
James - Nexo lego, Minecraft toys and books and a tablet.
Penny - large Barbie house, mermaid and fancy dress.
Izzy - Ice cream cart, Peppa pig and robots.
Mummy - coffee machine, handbag and gin.
Daddy - London trip, blanket and books
Katie - dress, and tools
Rod - truffle food and tools

Katie and Rod went home and we headed for Christmas dinner at the Red Lion. It was yummy. Poor Grandad didn't get a look in at his cheese board though.

Afternoon more presents and games. 
A busy day but very enjoyable. 
Boxing day we headed to John dads. For tea and more gifts. Then John mums on the 28th. FoLlowes by a party on New Years day with Hol and Vic and families. Lastly Col and Marley. 
Now the decorations are away and the last of the food is being munched. Today the kids and me went back to school. It is all over too quickly. 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Christmas past

When I was little one of the best bits of Christmas was seeing the huge (there was three of us) pile of presents that Father Christmas had left us. We also had a huge stocking or in our case pillow case which had PJs, slippers, books and our new Christmas day clothes in.
Morning was normally an early start with my more excitable sister waking us up with a cry of "Santa been" Sometimes I would wake up briefly in the night and feel the weight of the stocking on my toes then snuggle back to sleep knowing he had been.  One year much to my sisters horror I slept until 9.00 and she had to wait down stairs with the gifts not allowed to open them untill I emerged.
Around 4ish Col wold wake, yellow, go to Mum and Dads room only to be sent back to bed. Half an hour later she would try again with the same results by 5.30 Mum and dad would have given up on trying to sleep and say that she can open her stocking. At this point Katie and I would get up (no heating in our house so never go out of bed too soon) and we would all go into their bed and squish in. Pillowcases would soon be unwrapped. Dad would let mum out one of his gifts. Mum would then get up and lit the fire and put the oven on. We would probably be sent back to bed for a bit.
Downstairs we would have to wait for everyone to go in together Mum and dad already in the room. As a grown up I not understand that this was too see our faces when we saw all the presents. They were always bundled high and all three would be m8xed up together so you had to find yours.
We would all out them different. Col would rip the paper off, cast aside the gift and go straight to the next. I would take my time and look at each thinges. I always be the last one to finish. The advantage of this being that the other would look on enviously however, if there was a gift where the others got the same Col would past me the presents and say what was inside until Mum yelled at her to stop.
At lunch family would visit (as we got older we took in turns visiting) and Mum would feed us the proper Christmas dinner. Then it was more presents, this time family once. As I got older this became my favourite part. It was nice seeing people unwrap gift from you. From quite young we alway brought mum and dad a present. One year we was allowed to buy Dads on our own in Woollies. 
Then tea would be cold meat and salad the best bit being the seafood platter. After that board games until late.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas it nearly here

The kids are now off school and a mixture of chaos and illness has entered the house. Poor Penny missed her school pantof and play due to tummy bug and her dreadful cough. Izzy now has it and my clothes has a constant slimy trail along them.
The kids are bouncing off the walls, but luckily they are eager to help around the house. They all like dusting, hoovering and baking.

We have an activity advent calender, everyday a different Christmas craft or activity, though if I'm feeling a little lazy I do pop a sweet in. So far we have vi sited reindeer, Father Christmas,  made a Christmas cake and decorated it, made gingerbread men, did a treasure hunt, saw the light switch on, grew crystal Christmas tree, made fudge, made and painted tree decorations and door hangers. Still a few things to go. Including making reindeer food, hot chocolate gifts and the all important gingerbread house.

They say thing come in threes. Well our heating has gone just when the snow hit, the washing machine packed up, then we has problems with Currys replacing the new one which arrived damaged. The car is also playing up and I never know if it will start or if it will have heating. Brrrrr

Thursday, December 07, 2017


Sometimes my children seem to speak a different language and it some working out what they are on about.

Was asking Penny about her day and she said she had been "singing to the Grandmas. Grandma there, Grandma there (pointing) Grandma there, in the nut place" etc. Couldn't work it out. Turns out she had visited Chestnut Street care home and sang.

It is minecraft jargon, @ps, command blocks, super speed potions etc

Random gippering with the odd word thrown in. Even harder when she is upset and crying to work it out.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Proud of Penny

Penny got star of the week last week. I know that by the end of the year every child will get it for something, but is it is absolutely fab that she has got it. She received for reading and phonics. It is amazing how quickly she has progressed since September. She is now spelling and reading basic words. One of her favourite games at the moment is to play teacher, so she must be enjoying school.

In other news James has his first wobbly tooth. With the amount of apples he is eating at the moment it will soon be out.