Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Happy New Year

This is a long over due post. Sorry.

Christmas 2016 was an outstanding success. Father Christmas arrived armed with zords, dogs, robots, and trains much to the children delight. I also got treated to 2 lovely dresses, some much need make up and a much need weekend away to Chester for the whole family.
Christmas Eve mum, Austin, Katie and Rod visited. Cue presents and cat bingo. Katie and Rod stopped over, luckily for then Father Christmas was on the ball and had a special stocking for them Christmas morning.

James woke in the night needed the toliet he chevked Santa had been (he had) then checked Santa had left something for Penny ( he had) then when back too bed. I'm  not sure I could have slept like that. They go up about 5.30 and arrived in our bed armed with their stockings. Once we knew Katie and Rod were awake we opened all the presents from downstairs. Izzy missed all the action and got up about 8.30. She didn't really get opening presents but was quite happy playing with bits.

Christmas dinner we had in the lion with Dad, Janet and Paul. It was nice and the kids behaved. James spent most of his time on his smart watch figuring it out and Penny took her ears gloves (muffs) which was her favourite present.

The afternoon consisted of more presents and more food. The children when to bed at normal time so it was nice to play a few games.

Boxing day we mooched in the morning then when to Johns dads for more presents and food. Then the day after we visited Kerry and had more presents and food. It was nice that Christmas lasted more than just one day and that we didn't feel obliged to rush round and visit everyone at once.

Looking forward to 2017. X

Monday, November 28, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

So, this weekend I managed a night out with some other mums. excellent evening. The next morning the kids bound it bouncing on the bed asking for the Christmas tree to be put up.
So, three Christmas later (Is pulled on over) we head for Sleaford Christmas market. we are all well and truly  in the Christmas mood now.

There is no stopping Is at the moment, she is walking all over the place. we also have a few words, bath, mum and cat.
The picture is a rarity in our house, the kids were promised the tree would go up as soon as the living room was tidy.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Go Iz

Yesterday, while we were holidaying aye John's mums caravan in Mablethorpe, Izzy took her first steps. Not only did I see it (thought I wold miss it due to work) when I called John over she took two steps to him. She also had a go again today. There will no stopping her now.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Counting down to half term.

As much as I am loving the money and almost the job. I'm hating the family life balance, juggling aspect to working. Hats off to all those who have no option I don't understand how you have the time or the energy to work full time, clean the house and spend quality time with the children without getting ratty at them and to have a few minutes to yourselves.

I have two clingy daughters who as soon as I walk through the door a fighting for my cuddles and attention. I arrive home just to before bedtime which isn't the calmest in our house. I have had to give up feeding Izzy as it as hard work and painful if I missed a feed. She wasn't too bothered, if fact she refused me not the other way round. The house if compete tip so instead of spending the weekend with the kids I'm having to do house work at least one day.

So we are all looking forward to the half term. A few days away in Mablethorpe followed by fun days at home and ending with me time in London.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

2 week in.

2 weeks in and it really seems like the holiday are a far off distance memory. James has settled into his year 1 class beautiful, though trying to get him to tell us about his day is like blood from a stone. We sometime get what he had for lunch and that's it. Penny has also settled in well, though she seems to bensure having a few blips. On Tuesday she told me she was sad because Mrspb Stew told her off because she wanted to go outside and wasn't allowed but went anyway and the week before she was sad because she went across the yellow line to see James and she wasn't allow. Think they may have their hands full. Though she is a year younger than when James started and still learning the rules. She has a friend call Girl Luke which is nice.
As for me I think I'm finding it more difficult then the lot of them and I've definitely shed more tears. Hope fully thinkg-string will settle down soon, either that or they will sack me.

Here a pic of Iz, she has just dis covered the art of climbing. The joy in her face when she see the door has been left open and she can get to the stairs. She is aL so on the cusp of walking. I'm trying to encourage it because I done want to miss her first steps.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Summers over.

So tomorrow is the kids are back at school and I start my new job. We are all very nervous and excited by this. The bags, schools are all ironed and ready to go. Penny is start James school but in the preschool class for two mornings a week. She is bouncing round about it. James is quiet I think the nerves are setting but he is looking forward to seeing his friends. The new Power Rangers are on tomorrow he is more excited about that.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fun, sand and frolics

So Summer hols are all most over and we have filled every moment of it to the brim. We have been on lots of weekends away and days out. Just to list a few, Finding Dory, Bowling, amusements, Fox Talbot, Hot air balloons, Belton, picnics, play dates, camping, fires and marshmallows,  glamping, Wales and paddling. Dovedale, walks in woods, splash pools, rivers, dingys, rides, slides, Heckington show, BBQs, dentists, optitions and haircuts,  caravans, wooden huts, tents and hotels. Sand, donkeys and so much more.