Sunday, January 31, 2010

The List!!


John has had this idea that we make a list each, containing 5 different things we want to do over the course of this year, and depending on money and time, see how many we can achieve. the only problem is that things I would like to do are quite expensive and are mainly places to go on holiday. I am also stuck because the limit is 5 and I would like to do loads more. It also might lead to arguments as to who get to do theirs first and if one does more than the other. John want to walk a hill, I want to have a beach holiday somewhere, ANYWHERE, abroad. Will go away and think about the what to put on down and let you know. Holiday on the North coast of Scotland, just me, John, an open fire and loads of books would be lovely.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Long nails

I have done it. I have managed to grow my nails. Need to go out and buy some lovely nail polish now. I only have the free stuff that come with No 7 from boots. It is ok but the colour is like a coral. Not the nice.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


"I drew Jesus with brown trousers, because brown is a holy colour."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Had a super weekend. We had a murder mystery party. Thought we would try and had a nice meal and a few games without getting blottoed. WRONG! By the end of the night John was dancing with a bottle of coke. Lovely to see everyone again. Hopefully going to try and get down to Bristol to see Ros bank holiday weekend.

Sam x

Friday, January 22, 2010

I am an addict.

I am an addict. I know I have to stop but I can't help it. It costs so much, I know this but have no control.
I must stop buying beads, but they are so lush and lovely. There are so many different types and sizes and I want them all. ALL.

Sam x

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Legs better.

Well I'm walking again, all but slowly and slightly painfully, on two legs. Hurrah. So back at work, not so good. Having a skin dig this weekend with friends. Going to have a murder mystery party on Saturday. I'm the grieving daughter, I'm after one of those hats with the black netting that comes down in front of my face. Going to raid the charity shops tomorrow evening. Also going to make some super lush cocktails. My Christmas present from mum was lots of fab booze and cocktail stuff. Lovely. Big disappointment a gorgeous handbag my sister got my for Christmas has a hole it. Gutted especially as it was from Next.

Sam x

Monday, January 18, 2010

I've tried to take some better photos this time. There are defiantly better than the last ones, but still not great. The colour all seems to be lost. Any ideas?? I have turned the flash off my camera and this helped, also made a simple stand out of paper. What do you think?

Quite girly and old fashioned and elegant looking. Pale pink and neutral colours.

Long chain charm necklace, big and bold. Will look good against a black top.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lazy Sunday.

I'm still limping around. Going to make some more Jewellery today. Made loads for Christmas presents for people, I'm just hoping that they don't all fall apart otherwise they know who to blame. I have also re-read all of my odd blog post and I'm surprised to find what a moaner I am. I always thought I was a cheerful people, perhaps not. I started off in 2006 and it was quite funny, than as time went on I've justed it as a place to rant. How sad. Look what I'm doing now I'm ranting about how much of a moaner I am. Going to try and change that this year.

Did you know that the patron saint of England up until 1600 was Edward the Confessor (first built Westminster abbey) but the Tudors changed it to George, who wasn't even English. I'm learning about Kings and Queens for a topic I have to teach. It is really interesting. Going to do the Battle of Hasting on Wednesday and made a version of the Bayeux Tapestry. How cool is that?

Will put photos of the jewellery up again when it is made. Was buying more beads yesterday I really am going to have to stop myself.

Sam x

Saturday, January 16, 2010


As said these are some of the pieces I have created. I haven't been doing it for very long. I know the photos are no the greatest, they don't do the colours justice. Katie (sister) is going to help my with the photos.
If anyone has any ideas of things to make, or helpful website, or good places where to get beads, I would love to know. They are also for sell, if anyone is interested.

This in one of my favourites. Gorgeous and really girly.

I am not to sure about this Jade and silver combo, maybe to plain?

I love the colours in this one, the green/teal is beautiful and works well with the smoky grey.

Sam. x

Friday, January 15, 2010

I have hurt my leg.


Somehow I've managed to hurt my leg by walking WALKING!!! Ping.
Feels a little better today, but I was in lots of pain yesterday. I was at school and we were walking down to the local church to see some drumming went the me calf went odd and all of a sudden I was in lots of pain. Managed to walk the rest of the way to the church, thought if I rested it I would be ok to walk back WRONG!!. I was asked to do some drumming but found I couldn't stand up. Cried in front of all the children, and the head had to pick me up from the church and take me back to school. How pathetic? Didn't want to cause too much hassle so finished teaching by limping around the classroom and moving from chair to chair (not easy when the chairs are built for tiny people). I also had to ring my Dad to come and get me because I couldn't drive home. Spent today limping round. Though I have managed to make some more pretty jewellery.

Sam x


I have decided to start blogging again. I haven't done this for 6 months. I hope I remember how to do it.
Will update you on my absence 6 months. Still doing supply teaching and loving it. I have started a new hobby, have been doing it since June, which is why I have not been blogging. Jewellery making. Loving it. Normally when I start something like this, it is a craze that last 10 weeks, I buy all the stuff and then get bored. For example Wine making, pottery painting, making juggling balls, and sewing.
Will post some pictures up of the pretty things I have been making. I think it also helps that I have tried to sell a few things at craft shows. I make just enough to cover cost and to buy a few more beads.
What else..... oh my sister is getting married later this year. So big party.
I'm turning 30. OMG.

Bye for now.