Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Free Money with TopCashBack

There are a few cash back sites buzzing round the internet at the moment. Topcashback is one of them. The idea is that you order any item from the internet through them and they get you a percentage of your spend back. Currently Asda Direct are offering 6.3% back. As I do quite a lot of my shopping online this is a great way of getting back a few pennies.
There isn't a lot of faffing about with it, it is very easy to use. You just have to get into the habit of going to Topcashback site before you buy anything. You just head to the site and sign in. Find the shop you need in the search bar. Click the "get cash back" button for that shop. The site then opens a new window which links through to the normal website page for that shop and shop as normal. It records that fact you clicked through using Topcashback and any spending you do. The money does take over a month to clear so you have to be patient.
With over 4000 shops now linked to the site including Next, Homebase, Travelodge, Argos as well as most insurance agencies, it is definitely worth trying. The insurance companies, mobile phone contractsand breakdown services will offen have large cash back offers to entice you to go with them. I got £30 cash back on my car insurance and £18 on my house. Sometimes the amounts I get are under £1 but it all adds up. You can also choose how you would like the money sent to you, paypal or in you bank account. Or you get a little bit extra if you choose Amazon, Tesco, Boots gift vouchers.
As well as the cash back service, the site will offen give you discount codes and offers which are currently available for the shop you choose.  However, I find these are offen not updated or there are better codes out there.
If you find you use the site a lot it might be worth upgrading your membership. This costs £5 a year and entitles you to a higher percentage of cash back.

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