Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Go Go Go Garden

Our garden is not the biggest. The back is mostly lawn and patio, with a 2 foot raised flower bed running along 2 sides of the lawn. Last year I let it just grow curious to see what would come up. This year I've have a bit of a bliz. Up came the old straggly lavender and random shrub which seemed to house a huge ant nest. Into the back bed went some lovely perennials, delphinium, lupin, and lillies. The part running down the side we have left to mud. Why? Because I have a dirt loving son who likes nothing but dig, fill buckets with mud and water and generally make a mess. His current love us making cement using said mud and water, sticking in his trailer, driving over the patio where he has 6 bricks, then proceeds to use his cement to build a wall. Despite my wanting a beautiful floral garden, I can not deprived him of his delight of making a complete mess.
This calls for a plan. This year I'm trying to grow veg in pots. I love the idea of eating things we have grown ourselves. Last years herbs were great and well used, so this I'm extending out production.
The initial outlay is quite expensive, though thanks to mum we do have a few plants to start with. We have courgettes, pumpkin, tomatos, lettuce, radishes,  beetroot,  green beans, runner beans and peas. Hopefully we will have a bumper crop. The picture isn't while it is at its neatest.

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