Friday, April 27, 2007


I've got two weeks full time in school. In two different schools. I have started a one day a week job in a local village school and as well as that I've got two weeks supply either where. Both school are really nice, the kids and the teachers.
Started to make Grapefruit wine yesterday. Managed to grate a finger in it

Have got everyone at our house tonight. Dad, Alice, Me, John, Colleen, Peter and Grandma and Whisky. going to play games and chill out with a few bottles.
Me and John have been together seven years today. How weird it that!!! Hopefully we are going to go away tomorrow.

Going to go now.
Sam X

Monday, April 23, 2007

Is it me or are are thing going Crazy?

We have got told off because our dustbin lid wouldn't close and therefore the council wouldn't empty it. Bare in mind our rubbish is now only taken away every two weeks. We do recycle. We would have to take it all it the tip. Dad rings up the county council to voice his views. They said they would sent someone round to pick up the rubbish. They arrived next day with two men and a dustbin lorry. Is this saving the environment? How much extra did this cost? Crazy.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Holidays are over.

I had a fantastic Holiday.
We went to the Scottish highlands near Pitlochry. Had an ace time. Saw a really large hedge, an old tree and a fish ladder. We also walked up to the top of Ben Nevis. I wasn't planning on going only Katie, John and Vic were but I thought I would give it a go as they are I could always turn round. But I went all the way. And even though it was a sunny day there was six foot of snow at the top. It was heck of a walk and it did take us 10.5 hours. We were one of the first on it in the morning and the last to leave. And it isn't like Snowdon there is no cafe halfway up or a restaurant at the top, not a tacky souvenir in sight. I ached for days afterwards. These pictures are from there. Also did some high wire stuff which wasn't really very high scared me and my arms hurt from clinging on for dear life.
Worst part is coming home. I want to go back. Already planning where we are going next.
Sam x

Monday, April 02, 2007

Quite mildly grumpy

There I am happy as anything looking forward to going away. Then blow me down something goes and spoils it. Typical!

THE JOB CENTRE. I'm still arguing with them about money they owe me from Christmas. When I go today I'm told that they have been paying me too much. Instead of waiting for me to give me pay slips to them they have paid me instead. So I think I have to pay it all back. £400!!!! Feeling quite annoyed. And slightly stupid because I didn't notice anything different in my bank statements. Someone is looking into it for me and I shoudl find out how much I pay back in a few weeks. It is a complete mess. So instead of enjoying myself in Scotland I'm going to be thinking about and watching how I spend my money. GRRRRRRR.

Sam X

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Busy Busy Busy


I love this part where you are now organising to get ready working out what clothes to take and thinking Are 6 pairs of shoes really too many? and Is there any likelihood of going clubbing even though it is in the middle of nowhere? Should I take my going out shoes? Should I take my make up? How many pairs of trousers should I take? At the moment I'm up to seven and considering I'm only going for seven (No make that eight pairs) days will I wear them all. I tend to find when I'm on holiday I'm live in the same comfy pair anyway.

I have looking it up on the map we are in fact in the middle of nowhere this is not an exaggeration. We are four (FOUR) miles from the nearest pub and this is as the crow flies, it is cross country and through forests to get there. Don't get me wrong I love to drink in pubs but I'm not sure four miles is worth it.. I have brought a hip flask to keep me going during the walk but it only holds about two mouth fulls Think I will have to take the bottle with me. Vic has brought two florescent jackets one for the person in front and one behind. I have a pantomine image that we are going to get scare off one by one until there is me left. I don't like walking in the dark, in fact I'm not a great fan of walking at all. But in the dark I imagine thing which are not there and people hiding ready the get me. I always hope they will get someone else instead. I'm one of these people who sees dead people (not like the TV programme or sixth sense) but I always think that if it is dark and thing are creepyer in the dark I think I am going to come across a dead person (as in a corpse).
Anyway enought of me ranting.
Sam X