Monday, April 02, 2007

Quite mildly grumpy

There I am happy as anything looking forward to going away. Then blow me down something goes and spoils it. Typical!

THE JOB CENTRE. I'm still arguing with them about money they owe me from Christmas. When I go today I'm told that they have been paying me too much. Instead of waiting for me to give me pay slips to them they have paid me instead. So I think I have to pay it all back. £400!!!! Feeling quite annoyed. And slightly stupid because I didn't notice anything different in my bank statements. Someone is looking into it for me and I shoudl find out how much I pay back in a few weeks. It is a complete mess. So instead of enjoying myself in Scotland I'm going to be thinking about and watching how I spend my money. GRRRRRRR.

Sam X

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Kate said...

don't worry about it hunni do what i do and if you just ignore it there go away or just get bored i'm poor to so lots of walking xx