Tuesday, March 27, 2012


James is repeating sounds now. He says cat and points to the correct thing. There was a dog on telly, I said dog he tried to copy. He also did the same with bed.

While it is sunny we had been going outside with him. Yesterday we blow up his paddling pool and put a little pit of water in it and his toys. Today, after work we played football, eveytime James got the ball he put it in the paddling pool. He is turning into a right cheeky monkey.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Part 3


A few weeks before James turn one we had his first tottering steps. Up until this weekend, there hasn't been much happening with his walking, and prefers to crawl one one knee dragging his other leg behind him, he does this because it leaves a hand free to carry things. John and I have left him to it thinking he will get there in the end.
Ros came on Friday evening and James seemed to forgot his nerves in all the excitement at seeing her again and started walking across the room. He was showing off a lot that evening, giggling and ginning like mad. He is defiantly going to be a charmer when he is older.
Saturday he walked in the morning while we were getting ready to go to Burghley. He didn't walk much at Burghley but we were on grass and uneven stones, he was happy to walk when you held his hand. Marley however was walking everywhere picking up sticks. At Vic's party, again he was walking all over. I lost him at one point, I assumed someone on our table had him. I walked round the room once and couldn't seem him, then on the second time I found him on a ladies knee, she explain how he walked across the bar to her grinning. There seems to be no stopping him now.

Party weekend part 2

Vic's party was pretty good. It got better once it got going. To begin with the music was very loud and it was really difficult to hear people, which was a shame as there were people there who I haven't seem for a while so it would have been nice being about to have a conversation and hear each other. Maybe I'm getting really old. After a few drink and after the band had sorted out their sound better, things seemed to pick up. Had a good dance. James enjoyed walking round and being admired by everyone. Was slightly hungover the next day. Mum took James home when she left so we stayed a bit longer and was able to have a little bit of a lie in on Sunday
Sunday: Ros and I went to pick Vic up from her house then drove to the hall to tidy up. We then left to go for Sunday dinner , meeting Nick and Maryann at the Burton. It was nice to catch up with them as I hadn't seen them since their wedding. When back to mine for a coffee, Ros sorted out her stuff and headed home. I went top Vic to help unload her car then we both went to mums to have a coffee and cake and pick up James. James had had a lovely time in the garden digging and plant sunflower seed.

Party weekend

We have had a very bust weekend. Ros came down from Bristol on Friday evening. I cooked tea for us all. Later we played games. I wasn't very good at them. I think it might have been the amount of drink making me rubbish. Went to bed about 2:00. James woke up all up at 6:00 the next morning. John got up with him giving me and Ros a chance to have a bit longer in bed.
We had decided that we would go to Burghley house and meet Col, Jess, Em and Marley there and had a picnic in the gardens. We arrived about 11:00, just as we got out of the car Col turned up. When we left Boston it was really sunny and hot as we got nearer and nearer Burghley it got mistier and mistier and turned really cold. Joh insisted we had to drive with the window open beacuse he was hungover and feeling sick. At Burghley got a coffee and by the time we had it and sun came out again.
We started with the garden of suprises, which is a water area which you can play in. James loved it. We stripped him down to him baby vest and let him play. When he started to get cold we changed him warmed him and when and had our picnic. Marley and James loved all the open space to walk round in. Marley didn't seem to understand the idea of a picnic was to sit and eat, not walk all over people food. After another walk round the sculpture garden we left to get ready for Vic party.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lincolnshire craft shows

Trying to find some some Lincolnshire events or village fairs in the area so I can had a small stall. Having trouble finding them. So if you know of any can you let me know.


James has got a back tooth through, his first one. I must get him to the dentist soon. Been to look at another house tonight. We have viewed it before but decided against it. Then had a change of heart went back. John really likes it, I don't. The living area is a lot smaller then other ones we have been looking at.
John is back to feeding James outside because he doesn't have to clean up after him. Looking forward to the weekend. Going to a birthday party. There are going to be people we haven't seen for a while there. Also off to Burghley house on Saturday. Hopefully the weather will stay nice. x

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Went to Skeg today with mum. Had a good look round the shops and picked up a glass dish for Vic's birthday. He a look round the amusements and James went on a ride. Also had ice cream, which James didn't like. Which is odd because last year when he was really small and before he was eating proper food. We went to Buxton and had ice cream and he ate most of it. It was mint choc chip.
We was going to go swimming at South View but because it is now in season they wouldn't let us in. So we went to the garden centre had coffee and there was a sand pit so James had a play in there with his new bucket and spade.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hair cut

OH dear, OH dear, OH dear, think I have made a very bad mistake. Rang on impulse to get an hair appointment today, got booked in. I am now thinking that maybe I should have thought the idea through a bit more. I have a very round bob, and as I have a very round face, so it doesn't really suit. John doesn't like it either. He commented that he likes my hair long. So do I, but it was in such a bad condition that the best idea was to chop it off. I might start to like it when I wash it myself and have a play.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Mothers Day.

I've had a lovely Mothering Sunday, despite not getting my lie in this morning due to John incessant banging around. I got some beautiful flowers and chocolate from James, along with a card which he had scribbled in.
Mum called round this morning, we got her some flowers and I made her a necklace. I have just realised that I have forgotten to give her, her card. Whoops. Mum was off to Nannies and then to Col's for dinner.
We have Sunday dinner at the Red Lion in Partney, it was lovely. Then travelled to Lincoln to see Johns mums. James is so tired that he has gone to bed fully clothes and without his tea. x

Saturday, March 17, 2012


James can now say cat, or ca, but we know what he meets. He enjoys chasing them.

He enjoys dribbling water out of his mouth, extra delight in looking at me to see if I will tell him off.

Now we have had a few nice days we have been put him outside in the garden. He seem to enjoy eating mud and taking the label out of John plants and swapping them around.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


When to Auntie Hazels 5oth bithday party last night. Had a lovely time. Mum, Katie, Col and family were there. Did a bit of dancing, had a few drinks. James was enjoying himself with the disco lights and balloons.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

House hunting.

We are back to house hunting as there is a problem with the one we were looking at. We have 2 weeks to decided before we exchange contracts, so few the last few we have been busy

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Demo glass

This was my demo piece that wouldn't fuse on Thursday. Going to post it to Hol so she can show her class. X


James has learn a new trick, we say where is the light and he points to it. He does kind of let it down by getting excited and pointing to everything and say 'na'.
Been to Grandmas and Dads this afternoon to catch up.
The demo of the kiln was a be of a disaster, I did a mini talk about it and answered lots of questions, but when it came down to fusing it they microwave didn't work. Tried for about 40mins until I gave up.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Sunny Shine and Glass

We have sun shine at last. Making most of it and trying to get as much washing done as possible. I'm trying to get all James old clothes washed, iron and stored ready for when we move. I can't believe how small his things were.
Have put James tractor and track outside and left the back door open. He is happy outside playing on the patio (grass is too wet). hopefully in the new house he will be able to do this more often as there are patio door from the kitchen onto the garden and there will be no shrubs and rose bushes. I have been making some glass this morning, ready for this evening. I'm off to Hol's for tea and I'm going to her stain glass class to show them the microwave kiln. Bit nervous about it, I'm not an expert and a lot of what I do in the kiln is trial and error. I'm having a go at using some of my new glass with I got at the weekend. It looks good so far.