Monday, March 26, 2012

Party weekend

We have had a very bust weekend. Ros came down from Bristol on Friday evening. I cooked tea for us all. Later we played games. I wasn't very good at them. I think it might have been the amount of drink making me rubbish. Went to bed about 2:00. James woke up all up at 6:00 the next morning. John got up with him giving me and Ros a chance to have a bit longer in bed.
We had decided that we would go to Burghley house and meet Col, Jess, Em and Marley there and had a picnic in the gardens. We arrived about 11:00, just as we got out of the car Col turned up. When we left Boston it was really sunny and hot as we got nearer and nearer Burghley it got mistier and mistier and turned really cold. Joh insisted we had to drive with the window open beacuse he was hungover and feeling sick. At Burghley got a coffee and by the time we had it and sun came out again.
We started with the garden of suprises, which is a water area which you can play in. James loved it. We stripped him down to him baby vest and let him play. When he started to get cold we changed him warmed him and when and had our picnic. Marley and James loved all the open space to walk round in. Marley didn't seem to understand the idea of a picnic was to sit and eat, not walk all over people food. After another walk round the sculpture garden we left to get ready for Vic party.

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