Friday, August 31, 2012

Mega Blocks

First the first time James has build something out of mega blocks. Up until now it is John and I who make towers, cats, castles and robots and James with a menacing growl charges through in a King Kong style and flattens our creations. I think it might to time for John and I to get our own back.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Today James has discovered nostrils and that his finger is just the right size to go up his nose. He finds it funny if we remove his hand and even funnier to try and force his fingers in your mouth. Defiantly going to be a worm loving dirty boy.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tutbury Castle

Yesterday we visited Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire. They held a fairytale weekend over the bank holiday. The fairytale bit was a bit pathetic and it was a shame that the activities which were on you had to pay extra for. It was also very busy as it had been advertised on Groupon. Despite this, we had a really lovely day. The sun came out and James was on top form. He was full of beans and unusually was quite happy to walk and run round instead of being carried. He loved the big wooden dragon on top of the hill, he could peep through it and tried to climb on it. He climbed half way up the hill himself the hard way. John taught him to slide down on his bum which it found funny. We didn't have any tear or whining so a very good day out.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Yet another post I can't post yet.



My first thought is, this we be yet another Christmas that I can't drink and crap yesterday I ate scampi and drank a glass of cider.

Today I went to see Holly on the way there I felt a little queasy which got me thinking, then it happened on the way home as well. So I popped into Asda and got a test and because I needed the loo did it there and then, due the fact there was a queue I stuffed the test in my bag and didn't look at it until I got to the car, there was a faint line.

When I got home John and James were waving from the front garden so I told them then and we all had a group hug and kisses.

It has all come as a bit of a surprise. Tomorrow is the due date and so I'm a bit weepy. We are not sure went we are going to tell everyone so it is our secret at the moment.

Also we have put an offer on a house, so fingers crossed we will soon have a new home.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Camping in Derbyshire

Last weekend John, James and I ventured out for the first time since James has been mobile. It was Johns birthday on Friday so after presents (framed photos) and posting parcels we set off for Taddington near Bakewell. The car was loaded to bursting point we took the cot mattress, pans, cooker, teddies, balloons everything we could think of. James was in a very precarious place in the car, every time he moved something fell on him. Luckily he slept most of the way there. We stopped off at Bakewell, which is a place I love. It is so quaint, with the river running through and the ducks. It is a shame that lots of other people love it too as it was really busy. We brought some sandwiches, found a bench (people kept walking past eyeing us up to see if we were moving) near the river. While we were there we visited The Old House Museum, it was OK. Full of displays things from the past.

The Campsite, Waterloo Hotel, was disappointing. The field was sloping and grass was long. Luckily we took James waterproof  and weelies as he would have been soaked in the mornings. The toilet block was poor as well, only 2 showers which also had the toilets in them and they were wet rooms, so the floor was always damp. James enjoyed digging in the mole hill and having a go on the trampoline. We cooked the first night, pasta and tomato sauce. James settle down in his pushchair about 9ish we then transferred him to the tent. John and I celebrated by drinks Stag whisky.

However, James didn't settle down around 4am, before it was even light he woke up, smiled at where he was and started pointing at things going 'dat dat' I'm pleased he didn't cry but four hours later he still wasn't asleep. I stayed awake with him til 6, then, because he was getting fed up being in the tent John got up and took him for 2 long walks, while I napped. I don't work well without sleep and was very grumpy in the morning. It was a very mist, damp morning. We deciced to head to Buxton for breakfast. As soon as we set off James fell asleep in the car, typical. We couldn't find anywhere is eat, so continued to Dovedale. Had a sandwich there and a coffee, felt much better after that. Dovedale was pretty. It brighten up about 11 so on went my shorts. John climbed Thorpe Cloud while James slept. He paddled the river and got wet as it gets quite deep in places. James had a paddle, at first he didn't like it. I think it was the stones under his feet. It was also very cold. He enjoyed throwing stones in the river making splashes. Later he had a paddle with his shoes on and got on much better, in fact he didn't want to get out.We had dinner in the pub instead. Then took James for a walk in his buggy hoping that he would fall asleep. Then we went back for a drink and a read. James slept much better and didn't wake til gone 6am.

On Sunday we went to Chatsworth farm park. There wasn't many animals there but there is a huge play area. Including 2 big sandpits which had water play trough in them. James got through 2 sets of clothes. He loved it. We really must take him to the beach more often. He also enjoyed the old tractor you could play on.


Monday, August 06, 2012

Heckington show

Catching up

It has been a while since I have posted.

2 weekends again we had a big night out. Ros came down from Bristol on Friday. We were going to go out but it got cancelled which was find because I wanted to watch the Olympic opening. Caught bits of it while Ros and I caught up on the news and had tea.
Saturday we all went to Heckington show. It was good. Col and Marley came with us. There was a lot there. It was a shame we had to leave early because they have bands and fireworks in the evening. James and Marley went on a mini train ride. Marley had a dance to medieval music. We dropped James off at mums for the night then headed home to get ready.
Vic, Hol and Gill turned up about 7 and we started with cocktails and Pimms. Yummy. Taxi arrived at 9 to get us to Skeg. We did it like to old days. Weatherspoons, shades (or whatever it is called now) LA cafe, after that things get hazy. I know I let everyone else to go on the beach to build sandcastles. I met them at the taxi pick up. It was a good night I think everyone enjoyed it. Everyone was feeling a little delicate on Sunday Ros and Hol especially. Everyone managed to eat Sunday dinner. Mum dropped James back and she joined us for dinner. After everyone had gone Ros, John, James and I went to see Col. We went to the pub and had tea. James and Marley played nicely until 2 special girls turned up and we had to keep a better eye on them as they were picking the boys up.
Ros left Monday after dinner. It was really nice to catch up. Looking forward to going to Bristol and the end of next month.

Friday, August 03, 2012


I think I am going crazy. At the moment I'm finding time when I feel so low and upset. A part of me wonders if I am use focusing on the thing that upset me to make myself even more upset and dramatic. I know things are not right but don't know how to deal with them. Last week I got a text from Vic asking if I was busy on the 18th August. I don't expect her to realise the significance of the date but it make me upset that I will probably the only one who knows and cares.
I keep thinking about what should be happening at the moment. I'm dreading it. I can't talk to John, I don't want to upset him.