Monday, June 30, 2014

Operation Grateful James begins.

After yesterdays embarassment, Operation Grateful James has begun. Our aim is to make James be thankful for what he has, for what he is given and the family he has around him.
So, yesterday we talked about all the people who loved him and listed them, there were loads. We kept emphasising how luckly he is to have such a loving family. Later that day we were chatting about his favourite toys and why he liked them. I explained how luckly he was and that I know a little boy (no personally but I thought he might relate to it better) who doesn't have many toys to play with. No cars, tractors, teddy or books to read. Talked abour how nice it would be to give that little boy one of his toys so he could play. We decided that everyone should give a toy to the little boy. James helped Penny chose a car of hers, I chose a book from me and James gave him a cement mixer (though after much consideration he swapped for a less important one). I was pleased to find at bedtime he also wanted to give one of him books to him as well so his Mummy could read him a story. Just goes to show something must have sunk in.
I now have to find somewhere to take the toys, not the charity shop, but somewhere they will be used. We have also decided to do the same thing at Christmas and give to those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ungrateful and spoilt or normal 3 year old behaviour?

Today is the first day I have ever felt disappointed and embarrassed by James. Have I accidently created a spoilt, ungrateful monster or is it just tired 3 year old behaviour?

Just recently James has started playing up when he has seen a toy and is not allowed to have it. Up until now he was quite happy to look. This is our own fault as we have been on a few holidays this month and James was allow to spent his own money on toys. I think he has got into a habbit of getting what he wants.
The whole family have been told not to buy him toys because we don't what him to start expecting things everytime we go out. However they are not following though. When we went shopping with mum, despite knowing not to get him anything, she got him a tractor. We took James cousin for a day out and Aunt Col gave them both money for a toy. I feel it puts John and I in an awkward situation.

Today, we spent a day with Aunt Katie, she very kindly got him a tractor lunch box. He promptly told her he didn't want it and wanted a toy. Needless to say, John and I were mortified. This is not now he has been brought up. He than had a hissy fit sobbing he wanted a toy. Katie, very sensible, told him she would take it back but he isn't getting a toy. More sobbing. I took him off to try and explain that Katie had done a nice thing spending her money and getting him a lunch box and that he had made Katie, Mummy and Daddy sad because he hadn't said thank you and that he should now say sorry for making he sad. None of this was getting though as he was far too upset. Just as she was leaving his brain realised thst he wasn't going to get anything and he started wailing that he now wanted the box. We gave him a chance to say sorry and ask if he could have it, but again was screaming. So gave up and he came home with nothing and Aunt Katie is going to take her sandwiches to work in a tractor lunch box. At the moment I'm feeling rather let down by his behaviour and left wondering what to do. I'm not sure whether to try and talk to him about it later when he gets up from his nap and is a lot calmer. Explaining that he has loads of toys already and how luckly he is because some children don't have any. I would like him to prehaps think about giving some of his toys to children who haven't got any but maybe he is a bit too youbg for that. Hopefully this phase will pass quickly.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

34 is not middle aged.

Last Sunday it was my 34th birthday and despite not planning anything or being too bothered, the weekend was full up and it was all about my birthday.
Friday, I had a much needed day off work, and it was my intention to get the house sorted out from the residue left over from holiday. However, Col, Marley and Mum visited bring gifts. The boys enjoyed playing together anf got up to mischief by planning in the upstairs bathroom. James made and cup of pineapple juice and Marley made tea and together they managed to flood the bathroom sink. It ran through the carpet and appear like a shower in the downstairs hall. Whoops wasn't quite the word I used. James scared himself silly because the firealarm started blaring our, he hide under his covers in bed. Col managed to coax him out, dry him off, then he promtly fall asleep.  I think he was in shock.
Saturday, we met Mum in Lincoln for some much needed clothes shopping. Got a gorgous skirt from M&S. Later John arranged for his mum he had the kids and we went for a lovely meal, alone, together.
Sunday we went to Brocklesby Show. Vic won free tickets and very kindly gave them to us. We don't like to turn down a freebie. It was a glorious day.
With reference to the title of this post. John insists that 34 is the start of being middle aged and is winding me up. Though not too much as he's 40 this year.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Naughty Lazy Blogger

I've been an appalling blogger recently, we have just been so busy. Lots of lovely days out, 2 fab holidays, my birthday and enjoying the glorious weather. Where to start to catch up. Hummmmm

Holiday number 1.
Me and the kids were invited to join dad in his caravan for a few days during half term. The other half was busy getting caught up with work so was able to come.
We headed to Cromer, which is a place and adore as we went there every holiday as a child.
The first was fantastic sunny day, so after setting up the caravan we headed to Cromer. James enjoyed digging in the stones (no sand there) he was very brave and dipped about half a toe jn the water. We were there a while until there was hardly any beach left. One of the things I've alway, always wanted to do was eat Cromer crab. It was delicious, defiantly going to eat it again.
The next day, unfortunately the heavens opened. Dad wanted to visit the new Davenport Magic place. This was a lot better than I expected. The show at the end was amazing and leaves you wondering how it was done. That evening we visted the circus. The kids loved it, James liked the man being fired out a cannon. Penny was completely mesmerised by the whole thing. Dad got them both light up sticks to play with.
The follow day it was still lousy weather so headed to Wroxham. After MacDonalds and a visit to the toy shop, where James got a combined and Penny got a musical mic, we have a trip on the broads. It was really nice and relaxing, we got the paddle steamer boat. James enjoyed going up top and pretending to drive. After that we had to make a trip to Joyland in Yarmouth, followed by a dig in the sand.
Had a brill time. Thanks Dad.