Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ungrateful and spoilt or normal 3 year old behaviour?

Today is the first day I have ever felt disappointed and embarrassed by James. Have I accidently created a spoilt, ungrateful monster or is it just tired 3 year old behaviour?

Just recently James has started playing up when he has seen a toy and is not allowed to have it. Up until now he was quite happy to look. This is our own fault as we have been on a few holidays this month and James was allow to spent his own money on toys. I think he has got into a habbit of getting what he wants.
The whole family have been told not to buy him toys because we don't what him to start expecting things everytime we go out. However they are not following though. When we went shopping with mum, despite knowing not to get him anything, she got him a tractor. We took James cousin for a day out and Aunt Col gave them both money for a toy. I feel it puts John and I in an awkward situation.

Today, we spent a day with Aunt Katie, she very kindly got him a tractor lunch box. He promptly told her he didn't want it and wanted a toy. Needless to say, John and I were mortified. This is not now he has been brought up. He than had a hissy fit sobbing he wanted a toy. Katie, very sensible, told him she would take it back but he isn't getting a toy. More sobbing. I took him off to try and explain that Katie had done a nice thing spending her money and getting him a lunch box and that he had made Katie, Mummy and Daddy sad because he hadn't said thank you and that he should now say sorry for making he sad. None of this was getting though as he was far too upset. Just as she was leaving his brain realised thst he wasn't going to get anything and he started wailing that he now wanted the box. We gave him a chance to say sorry and ask if he could have it, but again was screaming. So gave up and he came home with nothing and Aunt Katie is going to take her sandwiches to work in a tractor lunch box. At the moment I'm feeling rather let down by his behaviour and left wondering what to do. I'm not sure whether to try and talk to him about it later when he gets up from his nap and is a lot calmer. Explaining that he has loads of toys already and how luckly he is because some children don't have any. I would like him to prehaps think about giving some of his toys to children who haven't got any but maybe he is a bit too youbg for that. Hopefully this phase will pass quickly.

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