Wednesday, June 25, 2014

34 is not middle aged.

Last Sunday it was my 34th birthday and despite not planning anything or being too bothered, the weekend was full up and it was all about my birthday.
Friday, I had a much needed day off work, and it was my intention to get the house sorted out from the residue left over from holiday. However, Col, Marley and Mum visited bring gifts. The boys enjoyed playing together anf got up to mischief by planning in the upstairs bathroom. James made and cup of pineapple juice and Marley made tea and together they managed to flood the bathroom sink. It ran through the carpet and appear like a shower in the downstairs hall. Whoops wasn't quite the word I used. James scared himself silly because the firealarm started blaring our, he hide under his covers in bed. Col managed to coax him out, dry him off, then he promtly fall asleep.  I think he was in shock.
Saturday, we met Mum in Lincoln for some much needed clothes shopping. Got a gorgous skirt from M&S. Later John arranged for his mum he had the kids and we went for a lovely meal, alone, together.
Sunday we went to Brocklesby Show. Vic won free tickets and very kindly gave them to us. We don't like to turn down a freebie. It was a glorious day.
With reference to the title of this post. John insists that 34 is the start of being middle aged and is winding me up. Though not too much as he's 40 this year.

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