Thursday, November 15, 2012


All our possessions are gradually being packed into boxes. I can't believe how much stuff we have got. James' bedroom it nearly packed apart from his clothes and toys. The kitchen has been gutted with just the essentials left. John has cleared one of the sheds and tidied the garden. I dare no touch the dining room as it is Johns domain.We move in two weeks and have got so much to do before then. Including getting organised for Christmas. Panic is starting to take over.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Normal we can eventually work out James logic. For example he calls a helicopter a 'plany' because plane is easier to say and it flies.
However we are stuck on 'Deny' for windmill.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Week 5

Today I'm exactly 5 weeks pregnant. John has just been out and got 2 more pregnancy tests. I'm not convinced that I'm pregnant. I have no symptoms and the once I think I am having I think are made up in my head. So going to take these test later. Will let you know the results. x

Looking at all this baby stuff again has reminded me of something about James being born. At on of our midwife appointments the midwife was taking the babies heart rate and she say she would place money on James being a girl. Apparently you can tell by the heart rate. WRONG.

Week 5.5

The test was positive again. I have been blighted by morning sickness and headaches. Also finding it difficult not to tell people. Saw Kate on Friday and all she could do it pat my stomach and make pregnant comments. She has done this twice now and both times she has been right.

Rang the doctors to get an appointment. Annoying I couldn't get one until 2 weeks later. It is a good job it isn't something important like my leg falling off.

Week 6

Seems like I have got a very long way to go especially as I feel really rough and sick. I'm sure I didn't feel this rough when I had James. I wonder if that means if it is going to be a girl.

Week 7/8

I have been so poorly these last few weeks. Last week I thought It was morning sickness but I now think I have a bug, I spend most of the week in bed. James has been living off fishfingers and beans because of it. On Saturda ywe decided we would go to the hospital and get them to check that everything is OK. I have been so worried about thinks going wrong. Mum babysat Saturday afternoon while John and I went to the hospital, they did a blood test to check the HGC levels which thankfully were ok. I was reassured, they also booked me for a scan on Monday.
Dad babysat on Monday. The scan went well. There is definitely a baby and it has a heart beat. So things are looking good. I feel a lot more relaxed (or I would be if I didn't feel so sick). So far only Mum and Dad know. We are going to John's mums on Sunday to tell them. Trying to keep it quiet until we have been to Bristol because as I can't drink I might as well try and trick everyone.

New car

Lots of excitement going on in the Metcalf/Dennis household at the moment. Not only is the pregnancy going well and everything seem fine. We have also but an offer on a new house and it has been accepted. I have started to get things packed away which we don't use. I didn't realise we have accumulated so much stuff. It is all John rubbish. This is a nearly 40 year old who still have a box a gaming cards and a Womble  pillow case he is weirdly attached too. Hopefully James will inherit my if I have seen it/ worn it for 2 years I don't need it attitude. As well as all this, last weekend John, James and I have purchased a new, to me, car. Gone is the Ford fiesta. Which did a great job of ferrying us all around and taking us on mini adventures. Hello mum bus Citroen Picasso. Had a bit of a farce getting it taxed, as it was registered as disabled. Had to go to Peterborough to the DVLA office to sort it out. We have also found a few faults since having it. The indicator stalk is broken, every time I indicate it flashes about 4 times stops and turns the headlight on. It is ok if I drive with the headlights on all the time. Going to the garage next week to sort it out. Also the speedo bulb need changing, as I can't see what speed I'm doing.