Monday, November 28, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

So, this weekend I managed a night out with some other mums. excellent evening. The next morning the kids bound it bouncing on the bed asking for the Christmas tree to be put up.
So, three Christmas later (Is pulled on over) we head for Sleaford Christmas market. we are all well and truly  in the Christmas mood now.

There is no stopping Is at the moment, she is walking all over the place. we also have a few words, bath, mum and cat.
The picture is a rarity in our house, the kids were promised the tree would go up as soon as the living room was tidy.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Go Iz

Yesterday, while we were holidaying aye John's mums caravan in Mablethorpe, Izzy took her first steps. Not only did I see it (thought I wold miss it due to work) when I called John over she took two steps to him. She also had a go again today. There will no stopping her now.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Counting down to half term.

As much as I am loving the money and almost the job. I'm hating the family life balance, juggling aspect to working. Hats off to all those who have no option I don't understand how you have the time or the energy to work full time, clean the house and spend quality time with the children without getting ratty at them and to have a few minutes to yourselves.

I have two clingy daughters who as soon as I walk through the door a fighting for my cuddles and attention. I arrive home just to before bedtime which isn't the calmest in our house. I have had to give up feeding Izzy as it as hard work and painful if I missed a feed. She wasn't too bothered, if fact she refused me not the other way round. The house if compete tip so instead of spending the weekend with the kids I'm having to do house work at least one day.

So we are all looking forward to the half term. A few days away in Mablethorpe followed by fun days at home and ending with me time in London.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

2 week in.

2 weeks in and it really seems like the holiday are a far off distance memory. James has settled into his year 1 class beautiful, though trying to get him to tell us about his day is like blood from a stone. We sometime get what he had for lunch and that's it. Penny has also settled in well, though she seems to bensure having a few blips. On Tuesday she told me she was sad because Mrspb Stew told her off because she wanted to go outside and wasn't allowed but went anyway and the week before she was sad because she went across the yellow line to see James and she wasn't allow. Think they may have their hands full. Though she is a year younger than when James started and still learning the rules. She has a friend call Girl Luke which is nice.
As for me I think I'm finding it more difficult then the lot of them and I've definitely shed more tears. Hope fully thinkg-string will settle down soon, either that or they will sack me.

Here a pic of Iz, she has just dis covered the art of climbing. The joy in her face when she see the door has been left open and she can get to the stairs. She is aL so on the cusp of walking. I'm trying to encourage it because I done want to miss her first steps.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Summers over.

So tomorrow is the kids are back at school and I start my new job. We are all very nervous and excited by this. The bags, schools are all ironed and ready to go. Penny is start James school but in the preschool class for two mornings a week. She is bouncing round about it. James is quiet I think the nerves are setting but he is looking forward to seeing his friends. The new Power Rangers are on tomorrow he is more excited about that.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fun, sand and frolics

So Summer hols are all most over and we have filled every moment of it to the brim. We have been on lots of weekends away and days out. Just to list a few, Finding Dory, Bowling, amusements, Fox Talbot, Hot air balloons, Belton, picnics, play dates, camping, fires and marshmallows,  glamping, Wales and paddling. Dovedale, walks in woods, splash pools, rivers, dingys, rides, slides, Heckington show, BBQs, dentists, optitions and haircuts,  caravans, wooden huts, tents and hotels. Sand, donkeys and so much more.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mummy Penny

Penny has recently enjoyed playing Mummy's with her babies. Up until now she her dollies have sat under her bed. Apart from Dolly who never leaves her side.
This is Penny feeding her baby.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Spa, picnics and Wooki es.

We have started our Summer holidays early. Thanks to a wowcher voucher i managed to get 5 hours at Belton Wood Spa for 2 people for  £12 including pastries and coffee. Bargain. Col and I went there Wednesday. Really enjoyed catching up and chilling out. The spa was OK, bit rough round the edges, building work was going on which didn't help. The pool was lovely though.
Yesterday Jam├ęs was at the zoo with school so we ventured out to Belton house for aa play and picnic. Penny enjoyed all the attention, we even when on the train.
Penny has been watching Star Wars, thanks to Uncle Rod, both James and Penny play Where's Wooki while watching it. Much to my amusment and John embarrassment Penny has taken to shouting "there's Wooki." at men with beards.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Loving the allotment

So after a few days of not keeping up with the lottie, we all, including Iz who slept through the whole thing, desended on the alloment to venture war on the weeds. 2 hours later we manged to clear half of it. The kids had picked everything that was ready and eaten about half of it before we got home. They loved it, they found raspberries, peas, spring onions, the last of the strawberries, beetroot,  blackcurrants and lettuces. The excited of digging and finding potatoes. All of us were rooting looking for them. I'm surprised anything grows as the kids trample everything and John pulled up all the swedes thinking they were weeds. I love it.
Spend the rest of the afternoon freezing peas, boiling beetroots to make beetroot and brie pie, and making potato salad. Yummy.
Other news Iz is now crawling around, looking in drawers and generally being nosey. She is even trying to stand but can only get one leg up. Tonight she had a tooth peeping thought. My little girls gummy smile of going.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Level 2

This week something seems to have clicked with James reading. He has always read his school books most evenings. Last week his teacher went though all his words with him and as a result moved him up a reading level. I think this has boosted his confidence no end and suddenly ZOOOOOOM. He is engaged and excited to be reading and aiming to get to the next level.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Circle of life

So for the last few weeks we have had pets in our household. 5 tiny tiny catapillers in begin with. Both Penny and James have been totally fascinated by them, checking them every day, looking at how much them have eaten, pooped, grown. Penny made and painted a house for them to be transfered into once them had made their cystitis. Unfortunately, one of the catapillers didn't make it so we were left with 4. By golly they eat, no wonder my cabbages have suffered.
When the first butterfly emerged as instructed we put some sugar water is the bottom of the box. Unfortunately, the butterfly seemed to get the sticky stuff on its wings and struggled to fly. We let him every go with the hope it would survive.
When the next one was released it stayed in the garden for a bit. Penny was thrilled she was able to watch on the flowers. The next two however suffered, upon release one was promptly eaten by a sparrow much to James and my horror. The other was last seen being chased by a sparrow. James was quite put out by it and upset. Penny however was very excited and eager to tell John what hado happened. Tried to explain to James about the birds feeding the baby birds with it and that's how they survive. His response was he would rather have lots of butterflies than birds.
At times life sucks.

Funny Penny

Little things Penny says

What's up guys?

Bub bly = butterfly

I'm not monkey, I'm Penny.

I received a pair of shoes in the post. Penny was very excited to open one. The got a "WOW, there's two." As she opened the other one.

"James, wear Anne dress."
"Ohh, but it's lovely" stroking dress. "James wear Anna."
"But it's lovely, lovely."

Today she wanted Anna hair, after putting it into 2 little plaits, she popped on her Anna dress. I shown her herself I  the mirror. "I'm beautiful." Slightly narastic but complete correct.

"I love it" and "I don't love it"

"My foots got headache."

Penny doesn't do PE at nursery she calls it PE kits.

Because Penny doesn't like bangs. she wanted some ear gloves (ear muffs) for bonfire night.

Pennys brain has started talking to her. She keeps refering to it.

Me"Penny can yoi see the funny house?"
Penny "My brain talked to me and said yes"

Me"Penny would you like a drink."
Penny. "My brain says yes."

She also tell me her tummy says it is hungry.

I think it stems from reading James body book,

Learning to sew

As the title states I'm trying to teach myself to sew and dressmaking. So far I've managed to create some rather pretty pillow dresses using a pattern for Penny. It has taken a few attempts to get the seams right as I hate them left messy. I've mastered French Seams to keep the inside looking lovely and neat. I have also made aprons with pockets and a fabric box for James. Today make was a pair of shorts again for Penny. I'm quite pleased with them and Penny is a very grateful recipient who tells everyone she meets who has made her pretty clothes. She also helps me wind the bobbin up and does her own sewing by putting pins into fabric.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Nothing to give.

I have nothing to hold
No kisses to give
No cuddles to warm you
I can't dry your tears
I can't make you better
For a short time you were our world
Our future
Our family
Our joy
You were loved for the moment you were there
You will be loved always.

8 months

My little baby is getting more mobile by the day. In the last few weeks she has gone from a wobbly sitting position surrounded by cushions for protection to humping her bottom in a weird shuffle while sitting to get about to realising if she is sitting up and leans forward on to her tummy she can reach things. While she on her tummy she can spin herself round like a parashooter. I think it will only be days before she figures out that if she lifts her tummy up she will be able to crawl. I wonder if she will go backwards like her brother did.
Other news, Penny is back to her normal self, I think the chicken pox wore her out, hence the major tantrums. Luckily she is back to her fun loving self. Today she was mainly wearing her Skye from Paw Patrol costume. She acts like a dog and demands pats, flying and pup treats. She is a funny little thing.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Picnics and The National trust.

James' class invited us to join them on a picnic at Belton House. Despite the horrid rain yesterday they still decided to go ahead with it. This lead me to the dilemma, at nearly £14 entrance fee per person do I pay £30 for a few hours or join the National Trust for the year. Eventually bit the bullet and joined paying £9 per month, we just have to make sure we make the most of it.
So the day was great, it was nice to see James playing with his friends. It was also a good chance for Penny join in as she will be starting the preschool in September. Belton play area has been given a make over since we were there last. The play area is fantastic and huge. There are now toliets and baby changing near it and more importantly a coffee shop. There is also an indoor play area which is ideal when it is wet. I'm looking forward to a Summer of picnics and playing.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Camping in the rain.

Last weekend we had bit of a do at Mums. Katie, lianne, Vic and family all for a BBQ. It was bit of a washout but we stuck it out. The kids were suited and booted up and put outside. The thrill of riding bikes, trikes and tractor down the hill and hopefully stopping kept them entertained most of the weekend. Plus hidden dens, climbing mud banks, toasting marshmallows and walks in the rain splashing in puddle makes an excellent time. For the adults wine, fire, food and good company. There was the added excitement and celebration of not 1, not 2 but 3 engagements. Any reason for champagne.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Teddy bears picnic

Due to havinget the chicken pox Penny and Izzy have missed out on Charles picnic birthday party. After waving Marley and James off and drying Pennys tears we did you next best and had a teddy bears picnic. I've also just dashed out to get an ice cream for us from the ice cream man. Delicious.

Friday, June 03, 2016


The dreaded chicken pox has entered the Metcalf house hold. It started with James who got it from school. Thankfully it only seemed to wear him out rather than make him ill. So lots of cuddles and attention. We though Penny and Izzy has escaped it but 2 days ago we found a spot on Iz and yesterday on Penny. Izzy has it terribly, she is absolutely covered head to toe of red raw spots and blisters. I rang the doctors because it is so bad and they have given her some cream. She is so unhappy and sad at the moment, I feel so sorry for her. Penny is also feeling it, she is worn out but instead of sleeping she doesn't know what to do and melts down into a crying puddle. So lots of cuddles for her as well. Shame it has happened over half term, the only consolation is the weather has been rubbish so we haven't missed our days out. If anyone has any advice how to sooth Izzys spot I would be grateful. Thanks.

Answers at last.

Since Penny was a baby she has been blighted by health problems. Small niggling symptoms which come and go. I've been to and from the doctors a number of times for different reason with her, each time feeling like I was wasting the doctor time and they would think I was crazy over barring mother. The problem with our doctors is each time I go I see a different one, with a different problem and a few time I was dismissed with a wave of a hand. However, the last time I went it was because of a night hacking cough which Penny can't seem to get rid off. I happened to mention that she had skin scratches which wouldn't heal because of this the doctor realised the she has eczema and asthma because they go together. I also mentioned the fact that the health visitor thought she might be lactose intolerance as she couldn't tolerance formula when she was tiny. Apparently lactose intolerance is also linked to eczema and asthma. Result. So she not has potions, lotions and inhalers galore and fingers crossed they seem to be working. She cough has stopped therefore she is sleeping better and therefore much happier during the day therefore a happier and less tired mummy. Only downside is we are on a lactose free diet but that is not a problem.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


My gorgeous baby is now nearly 7 months old. She is such a happy, calm little thing, which is amazing as she has to put up with a lot. You would have thought the novelty would have worn off but no the other 2 are still obsessed with her and won't leave her alone. She has just learn to roll over and I don't think it will be long before she will be wiggling around and exploring.
She loves her food and we are doing the baby lead weaning where we give her the same as we are eating and she feeds herself, sometimes it goes in the right place, often enough it is even where else.
I'm blessed to have such a happy, chilled out baby, a lively, bubbly, brightens your day 3 year old and a bright, clever, thoughtful, relaxed and happy 5 year old.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

At last a bit of Sunshine.

It is amazing how a little bit of sun brightens the whole family. I have enjoyed the last few days in the sun. Yesterday I spent the morning at the allotment while Penny was at nursery and Izzy was asleep. Managed to get quite a bit done. I'm feeling quite please with myself as so far, apart from a bit of digging, I've done it all by myself. James has decided he would, like a garden down there, so we pooped down after tea and found him a section and planted some lettuces.
Day Penny, Izzy and I when to Little Acorns followed by lunch at the cafe. Penvy got her haircut, then while we waited for Daddy we watched the ducklings. We also saw a ladybird. Then we all walked to meet James. James planted some seeds in his garden, then we had tea outside followed by John getting the swingball out. Lovely evening I'm now going to end the day with a special coffee followed by a glass of wine in the garden. I'm feeling rather happy and relaxed at the moment. All is good with the world.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Bank holiday

Yesterday we were invited to a BBC at Hollys. What with the sleet, snow, hail of the last few days we wondered if we were going to be inside. However, the sun shone and everyone enjoyed themselves and behaved.
Yesterday morning was also the first time I had left Izzy for 3hours. Normally she is attached to me because I'm  still feeding her and she refused to drink from a bottle. All went well and I enjoyed a sewing machine course. Hopefully I will be soon whizzing up some lovely little dresses for Penny. I one in the picture is a pillow dress.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

"I'm a big girl."

On Wednesday my little girl turns 3. Very exciting as since James birthday she knows birthdays mean a special day and cake. As she doesn't have friends as yet, we are doing a few different things.
Today Nanny and Grandad George visited and we had cake. Later Cat Grandma, Marley and Col Col came to play so we had more cake. Tomorrow we are heading to Wheelgate for a fun day out. On Wednesday their will be presents and more cake and Grandma and Grandad Terry are coming for tea.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Easter hols.

Well, as normal the holidays have flown by. Tomorrow James will be back at school and Penny is heading off to nursery for the morning. The house will seem very quiet all of a sudden.
Despite the chaos of Dad accident which upended our Easter plans, we have had a good time and fitted a lot in. The egg hunt at Frampton marsh, day out in Skegness and tractor driving and actifact finding at Dads being some of the highlight. At home we have have been map making, building, plaster Paris making, partying, baking, singing, putting on plays, model making, planting seeds, digging and tent making. We have completely forgot to do any reading for school, but never mind.
I'm going to miss having a full house of noise but looking forward to next weekend away and more adventures.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Tourist day

Today we ventured out to not so sunny Skeggy. Despite the weather we had a lovely time going round the amusements and on the rides. Penny loved the wheel ride, giggling away while she was going round. James liked the 2p machines collecting prizes and tickets. John and just liked being out as a family. Looking forward to sunny weather went we can get on the beach and make sandcastles.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016


Penny came screaming and running through, announcing we have a crocodile in the kitchen.
Me "It's a stick."
Penny "No, crocodile"
Me "No, it's a stick."
Penny "No scary crocodile."
Me "No, it's a stick, look." (Going to touch it)
Penny "NO NOT NOT,  it's asleep shhhh."

We now have a sleeping pet crocodile/stick we can't move or touch into the middle of our kitchen.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Easter Dramas

I love the holidays. I love having James back at home. So far we have been to the alloment twice. We have now planned potatoes and spring onions. Unfortunately, Dad has taken a tumble off a ladder in the shed while putting up a camera and has broken his shoulder. It should take 6 weeks to heal but he needs to rest it. Hopefully, he will have the sense to ask for help when  he need it and not struggle along like he normally does. I told him to wait till Friday and we would help him with the camera.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Last April we were lucky enough to get a plot on the allotment site at the end of our road. It is a quarter size plot and is just the right size for a fair weather gardener like me.
Last year it was a bit hit and miss. We have great success with butternut,  courgettes, peas, strawberries, onions and beetroot. The broad beans, runners, spinach, lettuce and brassicas were poor.
This year I'm hoping to be a bit more organised. So far digging has commenced, shallots and garlic is in and I have grand plans for the rest of the plot. I have even made a diagram. I just need to get the motivation. As much as I like the kids down helping me and enjoy showing them how to plant, sometimes I just need to get on.


Welcome the world

We are delighted to announce the birth of our third (and last) child. A beautiful daughter named Isobel (Izzie) May. Born on the 18th Oct 2015 at 1.30am, weighting a whopping 9.14lb. James, Penny and ourselves are absolutely besotted by her and she is happy, healthy and calm.

Despite being late as she was due on the 13th. when labour started she seemed to be in a great hurry. This is the story of her arrival.
After a month of being on edge because the midwife told us that she was ready and could be due at any time. I decided on the 17th that as a family we needed to get out of the house. The kids were grumpy and I was fed up of being fat. So we venture to the local soft play area to let off some stream. All day I was feeling odd and was having twinges, but this was nothing new as I had been having twinges for the last 6 weeks. However, these felt slightly different. I didn't tell John as he had been putting up with my false alarms for weeks. That evening I decided I would watch Bridget Jones diary. Typically (same happened with Penny) the night I didn't have an early night and sleep things started to happeen. The film finished at midnight, I went to the loo before bed and ping my waters broke. Told John and I rang the hospital, who told me I have better come in to be checked over.

12.10am Rang Dad to ask him to come and pick me up and drive us to the hospital. Told him not to rush as there was no hurry.

12.15am Rang Mum to come and babysit and told her not to rush and there was no hurry.

12.20am I text Katie as she moans she wasn't in the loop to tell her I was in labour.

12.21am Pain starts and I can't move from the bathroom.

12.22am In agony, can't move and contractions are really close together. Still on the toilet.

Things start to get hazy from here on. At some point John calls an ambulance. The person on the end tell him to move me from the toilet get on my back on the floor. Very slowly and by crawling a manage to get to our living room and on the rug.

1ish Dad arrives followed closely by mum. Dad hides in the kitchen. Mums holds my hand as John is still on the phone and having to keep checking if he can see the baby coming.

1.15am. Ambulance people arrive. Yay. There is no drugs (boo) only gas and air.

Anyway, she was born at 1.30 am on the 18th Oct. We had to go to the hospital o be checked over but was back home by 3pm that afternoon. Where we were promptly decended on by masses of family. I went to bed and left them too it.