Wednesday, November 30, 2011



I'm obsessed with facebook. This is why I haven't put much on my blog and everything I put on my blog i have already said on facebook.

School is doing my nut in. It is all about the strike. The kids are fine. It just seems as if I don't have any free time. I'm always planning, marking and sorting stuff. I guess it comes with the job.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas decoration are up.

We have finally got our tree up. The plan was to do it last Friday, but unfortunatly Katies managed to get stuck in a hole. She was walking on the pavement in Hamton and stepped into a water board hole. The cover wasn't on it. She managed to get her foot trapped ballerina style and couldn't get it out. Que the police, firebrigade and an ambulance. Thankfully they got her out, put her foot was a mess and so she went to hospital. We all met her there. Hence why the tree had to wait. She is at dads now, her leg is all strapped up and she can't put any weight in it.
So the Christmas tree went up on Monday. James helped, then stopped for tea and after he went to bed we finished it off. We were worried about he grabbing and pulling it over but so far he has been fine. He doesn't like us tell him no. He just cries at us. He ought to start getting use to it as he will be hearing it for many years. X

Monday, November 14, 2011


We have just been for a lovely weekend away in London. I was worried about taking James on the tube but we managed fine. Everyone was really friendly and loads of people offered to help us. We went to the science museam first, then walked for miles to harrods. Then wandered to the Eye and had a ride. By this time it was night, but we could still see all the landmarks lit up.
On Saturday we went to convent gardens, then walked round in circles for a while. Decided that I wanted to go to Tower hill and catch the dockland light railway to see how the Olympics building was getting on. Unfortunatly it was closed when we arrived. We did manage to see part of the Lord Majors parade. We stayed and watched the fireworks. James enjoyed them. A nice lady told me a had the cutest baby.
We got back about 11, shattered.
Yesterday we met Janet, Paul, Katies, Rod and Dad for Sunday dinner. It was nice to catch up. James was restless though. X

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Chatsworth House

Last Sunday we enjoyed a lovely day at Chatworths House. It was a treat for my Mum as her Birthday was on Tuesday.
Had a lovely day, we went round the house which was lovely, but it was the gardens which were most stunning. I have never been to Chatsworth in Autumn and was amazed to find the gardens so beautiful. I tried to take some photos but they don't do the garden justice.