Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas decoration are up.

We have finally got our tree up. The plan was to do it last Friday, but unfortunatly Katies managed to get stuck in a hole. She was walking on the pavement in Hamton and stepped into a water board hole. The cover wasn't on it. She managed to get her foot trapped ballerina style and couldn't get it out. Que the police, firebrigade and an ambulance. Thankfully they got her out, put her foot was a mess and so she went to hospital. We all met her there. Hence why the tree had to wait. She is at dads now, her leg is all strapped up and she can't put any weight in it.
So the Christmas tree went up on Monday. James helped, then stopped for tea and after he went to bed we finished it off. We were worried about he grabbing and pulling it over but so far he has been fine. He doesn't like us tell him no. He just cries at us. He ought to start getting use to it as he will be hearing it for many years. X


chrisair said...

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Mary said...

Nice tree! Very colourful - i love seeing trees that have many different colours. We just put our tree up a few hours ago, and I was baking home-made mince pies while I was putting it up! Now that's Christmasy :)