Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Getting sorted.

At last we have a washing machine. Picked it up on Sunday from Holly's. Have spend the last 2 days trying to catch up with all the washing, it seems to be everywhere. I have also started to paint the kitchen. It was originally white but because we have half a tin left, it is now magnolia. We had a very mouldy wall from where the washing machine was so have covered it.
Went shopping on Tuesday in Lincoln. John's mum was kind enough to look after James while we went into town. Had a lovely day.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Just have a stonking weekend. Mum had James on Friday and Saturday, so John and I took advantage and when out for something to eat. I ordered steak for the first time, it was yummy. On Saturday when the hangover had disappeared I set off for Hollys, where she cooked a lovely tea, then plaed poker and games in the evening. It was nice to catch up. Lou, Ros, Shel and Vic were all there.
On the way back I called in at Janets and Pauls, it was the first time I have seen Paul since his illness. He looked really well. They were both very chatty.
Pick up the washing machine from Holly and James from mum and was back in time to curl up with John for Downton Abbey.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


James gave us a fright on Friday. He started insane crying when john was trying to change him, then he started to choke. When I went into the room he was in johns arms really pale and cold and drifting in and out, so we called an ambulance. By the time they arrived James was crawling around. He was still.looking peaky so they took him to hospital I followed in the car. We think there might have been some food left in his mouth from his tea the night before. Worried us. Every thing is fine how, keeping an extra eye on him.
We had noticed that he has a tooth poking through now, that might explain the restless nights.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Washing machine.

Washing machine has packed up so have been at mums today using hers. Took James with me, and mum is keeping him there tonight. We had cream cakes with tea, Mum gave some of her to James which he quite happily ate. She ate the cake so there was a tiny bit of pasty and a lot of cream. James dropped something on the floor as she bend down to pick it up he grabbed hold of her cake and stuffed it all in his mouth. I think is might be a magician or a pick pocket when he gets older.
Looking forward to having a lie in and a lovely Sunday dinner with John tomorrow. Hope he is good for her tonight. x

Friday, October 07, 2011


Has had a lovely day today. James and I went to baby peep and had a lovely time playing. He was a bit wary at first and stuck close by me, I think it was the noise. It didn't take him long before he was exploring all over and pinching all the other children toys. He also has had his first kiss. We were all in a circle and a girl or James age began crawling toward the middle (she made the first move) he went towards her (met over a crowded room) they met in the middle and gave each other a kiss. At least he did try and scratch her eyes out, which is what he normally tries to do.

Then this afternoon Col, Marley and Shel came for tea. James and Marley played nicely each wanting what the other had. Col had James in fits of giggles by making popping noises. Marley very excited by a light up balloon. I made a lovely tea of cottage pie.

Going to mums tomorrow as our washing machine has packed in and the clothes are starting to pile up. I think she s going to have James over night. Not sure she know what she is letting herself in for because this week he has been a nightmare and getting up and wanting to play at 5:30 every morning. We are all shattered.