Friday, August 27, 2010

4 months today.

Well we have reach the 4 month stage. I have started to get a bump now and have brought some maternity clothes, which are dead comfy. In the book it says that baby should now begin to hear and react to light. John sometimes reads to him. Last night I was shining a bright torch at him to seem if I would feel him move. there wasn't any reaction, I think it is still too early. Also today played it some calming music though speakers, again no reaction. Think maybe I'm annoying it, I wouldn't like bright light and loud music being played if I'm trying to have a kip.
I have been very busy today, being creative. I will put a picture on next time as it is a surprise for someone.
School holidays are nearly over, which is good because I'm bored. I like working, and earning money. They messed up my pay this month, so that needs sorting out.
Right I'm being told to bring the washing in, so I have better go.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Here hoping the weather gets better.

We are off away for a few days on Saturday. It is Nick and Maryann's wedding. Looking forward to see everyone. It is always nice to get dressed up and have a boogie. The wedding is in Yorkshire and as it is a bit far away we are going to stop a night in a travel lodge, then have a few days camping. Should be good. Hopefully we will have a chance to go to York. I love York, it is a lovely city. Might need to pack a rain mac as it is chucking it down here.
Have Col and family coming round tonight we are meant to be going bowling. I haven't been for years. I hope they hurry up I'm hungry.
According to the Doc I'm 14 weeks on Friday and at last I have a bump, only a little one and I think most if it is podge. My nice jeans are considerably tighter now. I went into town yesterday and brought a few maternity clothes, some cheap tops and a pair of jeans. Will need some black trousers for when I go back to work in a few weeks. I don't want to buy too much stuff.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

12 week and 5 days (apparently).

John and I have been to the hospital today for the first scan. I was very nervous about it. Worried that I would get there and I would be empty and they would think I have made it all up. But no. I am defiantly pregnant. There is was on the screen, arms waving around like it was trying to catch flies. He waved at John, then started to suck its thumb. We got some good pictures. I had bloods taken as well. That didn't got so good. I was very wobbly, got myself worked up and upset. It was a good job John was there. Made my feel ill as well. Next midwife appointment is in 3 weeks, which I need to book. Then next scan is on the 23rd Sept.
We were also given a new due date. The 10th of August. It is going to be a busy week, as Col is due on the 8th.