Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some snaps.

Some of my favourite pics. Top is Malham cove I love this place. The first time I went it was really quiet as it was out of season. I took a book and didn't even read it. I use sat and chilled out listening to the water. John was with me and we saw a shrew. The second one is again in Yorkshire, took last year when we went camping with all the family. It is one of the only family pics taken with us all in because John set up the camera timer. The last picture just makes me smile.  x

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Job Hell

There is a job going at the school I worked in last year. So I have to apply. I hate filling application forms and writing personal statements and cover letters. I never know what to write and find it really difficult to big myself up. I'm having trouble sleeping because I worried that I won't get the job and panicing already about the interview. As soon as I went in to do supply after the holiday and everyone apart from the head told me about and asked f I was going to apply. Even the lovely caretaker asked me. So the pressure is on. And I will feel a right twit if I don't get it. I wont it so badly, the school is so nice and I get along so well with all the staff. I fact I'm going to the pub with them on Friday. That is the day of the interviews (thats if I get an interview). 

Friday, October 17, 2008

Back home.

Well we are back. Had a lovely holiday. First half of the holiday Dad and Alice was with us. We went to Cheddar Gorge and around the caves there. We also brought some lovely cider. The travel lodge we stopped in was super.
The cottage was near Bude it was lovely, clean, neat and white. It use to be a barn and has been converted. Had to get use the ducking under the doorways as they were a little low. For the first three days we woke up to misable foggy drizzle but by dinner time it have cleared up to sunshine, though it wasn't warm enought to take you coat off. We went to Goonhilly to the Science museam, it was a little disappointing and could have been a lot better. Later on we went to Lizard point, by this time the weather had improved and we spent time on the beach, me sat on a rock staring at the sea, John look in hole it the rock and Dad and Alice climbing over the place. We also went to Boscastle which was really pretty. We went for a walk along the coast, then to the witchcraft museam. 
Later on we went to Tintagel the place where king Arther was concenvied, not sure how they know that!!! Also spent a lot of time on the beach there, me sat on a rock watching the sea (I saw a seal) John, Alice and Dad looking in caves. There was one that went through the cliff and out the other side. John fell in and got wet. 
We spent a day at Meagissy (not sure how to spell it). A lovely harbour village. Then we stop at Pentoween sands I sat on a rock and watched the sea. John found holes and Dad and Alice climbed. 
Unfortunatly Dad and Alice left us and went home. Me and John continued the holiday. The weather also improved and at one stage I told me coat off.
We went to Newquey have a very pretty beach. We did loads of walking there as it is quite steep. John brought we the new James Bond book. I sat on the beach and watch the sea and surfers and read. John wondered about looking in rock pools. I wondered about with him. We just seem to spent that day wondering in lovely sunshire. I think it was the best day of the holiday because it was so relaxed. There is a weird house on an island there in  the middle of the beach. I also made a sand crab. 
We went to St Michaels mount which was nice. I like the boats trip over. The walk up to the top wasn't to bad. It looked as if I was abroad because it was a lovely sunny day and there were lots of palm trees and blue sea. 
We went to Bude and to a toy museam which was fab. It was for people my age and it have toy the I either had when I was little, or wanted or that my friends had. The tuffy road safety game, big yellow tea pot, He man, sweet shop, care bears, my little pony, get a long gang, and load of stuff that I had forgotten about. 
Then it was time ot come home. We stopped at Cheddar gorge again to restock on cider. 
Had a lovely time.