Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New phone.

Hurray. Got a new phone for my birthday and have just figured out it can do Blogger. This should make it even easier to post. No excuses now.
Had a busy day today. The been babysitting Marley while Col and Em have been at the pictures to see Harry Potter. It is an easy job, allhe has done is sleep. Maybe I should do this for a living and become a childminder.

Monday, July 25, 2011


While I was pregnant it was drummed into us that you must breastfeed, you must breastfeed. I know that it is the best think for the baby, which is why I felt so under pressure to continue to try and breastfeed James even though James wasn't get enough and I was getting very upset and struggling with it.
A nurse came round a week after James was born. She weighted him and said that because he had lost of much weight we need to go back into hospital. Naturally I was devastated. I had been trying so hard to get the feed right. I was sore and it was so painful it brought tears to my eyes. I was also very upset because I was finding it so difficult especially as Col and Marley seem to be coping.
After crying at the nurse, she rang the hospital and asked their advice. I didn't mind if I had to take James in every day to be checked out, I didn't want to stay over night. I would have no sleep in the wards and no support from John to help me. The nurse said she would come round again in a few days and check him out. Before she left she showed me again how to feed him. I was determined that we would not go into the hospital, even if it meant going on to formula. I sent John out to get some just in case. I watch a you tube video which showed, with a real baby how I should be feeding him it was different to the hospital advice. I used a lot of pillows to support him weight and held how I found it comfortable not how the nurse showed me. Eventually we managed. I think it took about 3 weeks for us both to be completely happy about it and for the pain to wear off. Even then 4 months in a blocked up and the whole pain thing began again. I can completely understand why people use formula and I think if it wasn't for Col and Marley I would have given in ages before hand, but because they was able to do it I was determined that I could.

Doing well

I'm so far doing well at keeping this up again. 2 days, 2 post. Though I may have to go in a moment as James is crying on his mat. It is OK Daddy has just turned up to settle him.
Was meant to go swimming today with Col, but money is a bit tight this month as there is lots of stuff I want to do so something have to give way.

John brought a new tent yesterday in preparation for his solo trip to Yorkshire caving. Hopefully he will go this weekend, if the weather is nice.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Going to try hard.

From now on I'm going to try hard and write this thing at least 3 times a week. I think it will be a good way to remember thing, 1, because I have still got baby brain and 2, it is like a diary and would be nice to remember important thing that have happened. So once again this is a catch up post. I will try and keep it short.

Baby was born on the 20th Feb 2011. He was 8lb 15oz and born at 01:04 in the morning. Waters broke at 09:00 on the Saturday morning. Lots of pain the whole thing wasn't good. Drug do not help. We named him James George Metcalf.

He is now 22 weeks today. He was a miserable thing to begin with. He had upset tummy until he was about 17weeks. But he is now very smiley and lovely. Today he was on his tummy and managed to move to get a toy. I wouldn't call it crawling but it is getting there.

Swimming with him and Marly tomorrow, looking forward to it.