Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to me.

It was my birthday on Friday. Had a lovely day. Had to work in the afternoon but in the evening I went to a scout fete with Col, John, Peter and Katie it had a disco so did some dancing. Got lots of cool prezzies including a pottery painting set, the digital photo frame with changes my photo every 10 seconds, a trip to the hair dressers which it what I really needed my hair is crazy at the moment, socks, BBC drama collection and cool cups and biscuit tin ready for when I move out. So lots of really lovely things.
Yesterday Col, Vic and I went to the pottery in Boston and painted pots. I painted a heart shaped cake plate pink with muffins on it. Col painted a condiments plate loads of crazy colours and dots. Vic did a trinket box and did shading for one colour to another. Then in the evening we went to a 25th wedding party and danced some more.
Have been playing with my presents this morning have painted a pot and put some more photos on the photo frame. Also set up my punch bowl.
Sam X

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Weekend away


Have just got back from a weekend away. I have a really nice time. There were six of us altogether. Dad and Alice in the camper, Col and Peter in the VW and John and I in the tent.

We didn't go to Longleat as it was really to far to go just for the weekend. I'm pleased we didn't because it was hardly a relaxing weekend. We must have walked for miles.

We got there Friday night and more or less went straight to the pub and played card most of the evening. On Saturday we caught the park and ride into York and when to the Castle Museam then had a wander around the town. In the evening we have a meal. On the Sunday we went to the railway museam. I have to say that a lot of train in a big shed isn't really my idea of a good time but as it was fathers day we went. It was ok. The royal trains are quite interesting and I have to say I'm a bit a of a royalist. As I have Monday off everyone put me and John headed back home. Then on the Monday we went to Castle Howard. This was my choice I have been moaning about it for ages. At the moment they are filming a film version of Brideshead revisited so there were loads of props and camera crew about. I didn't see any one famous. Emma Thompson was there filming as was Micheal Gambon.

All in all a good weekend. Roll on the next time we all go away. The Isle of Wright was mentioned in passing.

Sam X

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Catching up

Sorry it has been so long since I have written anything.
Have been really busy.
Trying to sort out a campsite to go to in Yorkshire. It needs to be near York and have a pub which does food. You wouldn't think it would be so difficult. Going away this weekend with Dad and Colleen. I wanted to go to Longleat but Dad doesn't think the camper van will make it that far. I'm in the tent.

Getting loads of work at the moment. People can't get enough of me. Schools want me all over the place. I have got another day in a local school until the end of term which is nice. Have use had to insure my car so I could do with the extra money.

Anyway better go
Sam x

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Lovely day again

I've spent the entire of today outside reading. It has been heaven. Oh I also baked a cake.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Sunny at last

It is a lovely day here and what I'm I doing. Currently I'm on the computer typing, but I was busy ironing. Lots of ironing. I hate it. I hate most forms of tidying and cleaning but ironing is the worst.
Going to enjoy the sunshine in a bit with a good book.
Sam X