Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Part 2

John and I told everyone about the baby over Christmas. Most were very surprised, but pleased for us. All the family know now. I think we will wait a bit, before we tell friends, because it is still very early on. I have a blood test on the 4th Jan which I hate. The scan date is on the 7th Feb hopefully mum will have James for a few hours because I don't really want him in the hospital, sometimes there is a long wait.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Well we have been in about a 2 weeks. It still feels as if we are living someone else's house and it takes a moment to work out which room I need. I'm also not just to having so many doors in a house and they are doors which work and shut correctly. It feels like we are living in luxury, we have hot running water, which we didn't have before unless we put the tank on, after 5 years of washing our hands in cold water it is bliss. We also have a garage, extra bedroom, dish washer and a lovely large dining area. James was a little unsettled with the move. I think it was because we kept having to go back to Boston to clear out the rest of the stuff. He looked in all the kitchen cupboards saying gone gone gone in a little sad voice. He also came running into the bedroom and stopped mid flow and look very confused and sad. Since the moved we have had a few rough nights where he wouldn't settle and if he woke up I think he was confused and took ages to calm down. He has also been a little mardy in the morning again due to the surprise of being somewhere different.
Managed to get the Christmas shopping finished today, I went into Boston and had a facial and eyebrow wax and did a little shopping. Now I give up, everyone has got at least one gift so that will do. Going to enjoy the run up to Christmas now and chill out.
James and I ventured in to the local community last Saturday. We visited a local church group who had put on a childrens Christmas activity morning. It was really pleasant and everyone was very friendly. We have been invited to tea and toast with them on Friday. We also had a trip to see Santa at Heckington windmill. James was slightly wary of Father Christmas and the only thing he said to him was 'clock' and 'tick tock'. He did however enjoy the windmill.
Had the second scan last weeks., baby looks fine, I have to have a 3rd scan nearer the due date but we will panic about that at a later date.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


All our possessions are gradually being packed into boxes. I can't believe how much stuff we have got. James' bedroom it nearly packed apart from his clothes and toys. The kitchen has been gutted with just the essentials left. John has cleared one of the sheds and tidied the garden. I dare no touch the dining room as it is Johns domain.We move in two weeks and have got so much to do before then. Including getting organised for Christmas. Panic is starting to take over.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Normal we can eventually work out James logic. For example he calls a helicopter a 'plany' because plane is easier to say and it flies.
However we are stuck on 'Deny' for windmill.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Week 5

Today I'm exactly 5 weeks pregnant. John has just been out and got 2 more pregnancy tests. I'm not convinced that I'm pregnant. I have no symptoms and the once I think I am having I think are made up in my head. So going to take these test later. Will let you know the results. x

Looking at all this baby stuff again has reminded me of something about James being born. At on of our midwife appointments the midwife was taking the babies heart rate and she say she would place money on James being a girl. Apparently you can tell by the heart rate. WRONG.

Week 5.5

The test was positive again. I have been blighted by morning sickness and headaches. Also finding it difficult not to tell people. Saw Kate on Friday and all she could do it pat my stomach and make pregnant comments. She has done this twice now and both times she has been right.

Rang the doctors to get an appointment. Annoying I couldn't get one until 2 weeks later. It is a good job it isn't something important like my leg falling off.

Week 6

Seems like I have got a very long way to go especially as I feel really rough and sick. I'm sure I didn't feel this rough when I had James. I wonder if that means if it is going to be a girl.

Week 7/8

I have been so poorly these last few weeks. Last week I thought It was morning sickness but I now think I have a bug, I spend most of the week in bed. James has been living off fishfingers and beans because of it. On Saturda ywe decided we would go to the hospital and get them to check that everything is OK. I have been so worried about thinks going wrong. Mum babysat Saturday afternoon while John and I went to the hospital, they did a blood test to check the HGC levels which thankfully were ok. I was reassured, they also booked me for a scan on Monday.
Dad babysat on Monday. The scan went well. There is definitely a baby and it has a heart beat. So things are looking good. I feel a lot more relaxed (or I would be if I didn't feel so sick). So far only Mum and Dad know. We are going to John's mums on Sunday to tell them. Trying to keep it quiet until we have been to Bristol because as I can't drink I might as well try and trick everyone.

New car

Lots of excitement going on in the Metcalf/Dennis household at the moment. Not only is the pregnancy going well and everything seem fine. We have also but an offer on a new house and it has been accepted. I have started to get things packed away which we don't use. I didn't realise we have accumulated so much stuff. It is all John rubbish. This is a nearly 40 year old who still have a box a gaming cards and a Womble  pillow case he is weirdly attached too. Hopefully James will inherit my if I have seen it/ worn it for 2 years I don't need it attitude. As well as all this, last weekend John, James and I have purchased a new, to me, car. Gone is the Ford fiesta. Which did a great job of ferrying us all around and taking us on mini adventures. Hello mum bus Citroen Picasso. Had a bit of a farce getting it taxed, as it was registered as disabled. Had to go to Peterborough to the DVLA office to sort it out. We have also found a few faults since having it. The indicator stalk is broken, every time I indicate it flashes about 4 times stops and turns the headlight on. It is ok if I drive with the headlights on all the time. Going to the garage next week to sort it out. Also the speedo bulb need changing, as I can't see what speed I'm doing.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Going to stop calling John a Knob and call him a Punnet instead. Both are terms of endearment.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Word James can say.

Bath, boat, box, bear, book, bye blueberry, broken, ball, balloon, broccoli, bin, bounce, buggy, banana, baby, car, cat, choo choo, chocolate, cup, corner, carrot, dog, done, daddy, doddles, duck, eye, elephant, gone, grandma, grandad, hot, key, lock, mummy, monkey, night night, no, nose, on, pen, pennies, pea, potty, shoe, sock, step, teddy, toes,
He also pretend to fall asleep and snore but with his eyes open.
He can make monkey and lion sounds to match a picture.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Catch up

When we have had a busy time.

Last week we went on holiday to Torquay. Had a lovely time but it rained most of the holiday, apart from the first day when we all headed for the beach and had a paddle and cream tea. Ros joined us for the first half of the week. While she was there we painted a pot, visited Torquay, Paignton. We also when Teignmonth and got a river ferry across to Seaton and found a secret tunnel to a cove.

John, James and I went on the South Devon Railway. James really enjoyed it and was always looking out of the window. We also saw otter and butterfly's. James thought the otters were bears. This is because the day before we visited Kent caverns and there was a model of a bear after that everything was bears. James wasn't keen on Kent caverns, he moaned all the way round. James loved the caravan. He had the double bed to himself, while John and I had the pull out bed. He was a bit of a party animal and stopped up till late. He loved the arcades and was desperate to go the them all the time. All holiday he said doddles. It took us to the last day to work out that it was the pirate sit on the ride machine. It played a pirate tune and it sounded like doddles. He also found he could sit in the cupboards and the fridge which he did all holiday.


Friday, August 31, 2012

Mega Blocks

First the first time James has build something out of mega blocks. Up until now it is John and I who make towers, cats, castles and robots and James with a menacing growl charges through in a King Kong style and flattens our creations. I think it might to time for John and I to get our own back.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Today James has discovered nostrils and that his finger is just the right size to go up his nose. He finds it funny if we remove his hand and even funnier to try and force his fingers in your mouth. Defiantly going to be a worm loving dirty boy.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tutbury Castle

Yesterday we visited Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire. They held a fairytale weekend over the bank holiday. The fairytale bit was a bit pathetic and it was a shame that the activities which were on you had to pay extra for. It was also very busy as it had been advertised on Groupon. Despite this, we had a really lovely day. The sun came out and James was on top form. He was full of beans and unusually was quite happy to walk and run round instead of being carried. He loved the big wooden dragon on top of the hill, he could peep through it and tried to climb on it. He climbed half way up the hill himself the hard way. John taught him to slide down on his bum which it found funny. We didn't have any tear or whining so a very good day out.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Yet another post I can't post yet.



My first thought is, this we be yet another Christmas that I can't drink and crap yesterday I ate scampi and drank a glass of cider.

Today I went to see Holly on the way there I felt a little queasy which got me thinking, then it happened on the way home as well. So I popped into Asda and got a test and because I needed the loo did it there and then, due the fact there was a queue I stuffed the test in my bag and didn't look at it until I got to the car, there was a faint line.

When I got home John and James were waving from the front garden so I told them then and we all had a group hug and kisses.

It has all come as a bit of a surprise. Tomorrow is the due date and so I'm a bit weepy. We are not sure went we are going to tell everyone so it is our secret at the moment.

Also we have put an offer on a house, so fingers crossed we will soon have a new home.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Camping in Derbyshire

Last weekend John, James and I ventured out for the first time since James has been mobile. It was Johns birthday on Friday so after presents (framed photos) and posting parcels we set off for Taddington near Bakewell. The car was loaded to bursting point we took the cot mattress, pans, cooker, teddies, balloons everything we could think of. James was in a very precarious place in the car, every time he moved something fell on him. Luckily he slept most of the way there. We stopped off at Bakewell, which is a place I love. It is so quaint, with the river running through and the ducks. It is a shame that lots of other people love it too as it was really busy. We brought some sandwiches, found a bench (people kept walking past eyeing us up to see if we were moving) near the river. While we were there we visited The Old House Museum, it was OK. Full of displays things from the past.

The Campsite, Waterloo Hotel, was disappointing. The field was sloping and grass was long. Luckily we took James waterproof  and weelies as he would have been soaked in the mornings. The toilet block was poor as well, only 2 showers which also had the toilets in them and they were wet rooms, so the floor was always damp. James enjoyed digging in the mole hill and having a go on the trampoline. We cooked the first night, pasta and tomato sauce. James settle down in his pushchair about 9ish we then transferred him to the tent. John and I celebrated by drinks Stag whisky.

However, James didn't settle down around 4am, before it was even light he woke up, smiled at where he was and started pointing at things going 'dat dat' I'm pleased he didn't cry but four hours later he still wasn't asleep. I stayed awake with him til 6, then, because he was getting fed up being in the tent John got up and took him for 2 long walks, while I napped. I don't work well without sleep and was very grumpy in the morning. It was a very mist, damp morning. We deciced to head to Buxton for breakfast. As soon as we set off James fell asleep in the car, typical. We couldn't find anywhere is eat, so continued to Dovedale. Had a sandwich there and a coffee, felt much better after that. Dovedale was pretty. It brighten up about 11 so on went my shorts. John climbed Thorpe Cloud while James slept. He paddled the river and got wet as it gets quite deep in places. James had a paddle, at first he didn't like it. I think it was the stones under his feet. It was also very cold. He enjoyed throwing stones in the river making splashes. Later he had a paddle with his shoes on and got on much better, in fact he didn't want to get out.We had dinner in the pub instead. Then took James for a walk in his buggy hoping that he would fall asleep. Then we went back for a drink and a read. James slept much better and didn't wake til gone 6am.

On Sunday we went to Chatsworth farm park. There wasn't many animals there but there is a huge play area. Including 2 big sandpits which had water play trough in them. James got through 2 sets of clothes. He loved it. We really must take him to the beach more often. He also enjoyed the old tractor you could play on.


Monday, August 06, 2012

Heckington show

Catching up

It has been a while since I have posted.

2 weekends again we had a big night out. Ros came down from Bristol on Friday. We were going to go out but it got cancelled which was find because I wanted to watch the Olympic opening. Caught bits of it while Ros and I caught up on the news and had tea.
Saturday we all went to Heckington show. It was good. Col and Marley came with us. There was a lot there. It was a shame we had to leave early because they have bands and fireworks in the evening. James and Marley went on a mini train ride. Marley had a dance to medieval music. We dropped James off at mums for the night then headed home to get ready.
Vic, Hol and Gill turned up about 7 and we started with cocktails and Pimms. Yummy. Taxi arrived at 9 to get us to Skeg. We did it like to old days. Weatherspoons, shades (or whatever it is called now) LA cafe, after that things get hazy. I know I let everyone else to go on the beach to build sandcastles. I met them at the taxi pick up. It was a good night I think everyone enjoyed it. Everyone was feeling a little delicate on Sunday Ros and Hol especially. Everyone managed to eat Sunday dinner. Mum dropped James back and she joined us for dinner. After everyone had gone Ros, John, James and I went to see Col. We went to the pub and had tea. James and Marley played nicely until 2 special girls turned up and we had to keep a better eye on them as they were picking the boys up.
Ros left Monday after dinner. It was really nice to catch up. Looking forward to going to Bristol and the end of next month.

Friday, August 03, 2012


I think I am going crazy. At the moment I'm finding time when I feel so low and upset. A part of me wonders if I am use focusing on the thing that upset me to make myself even more upset and dramatic. I know things are not right but don't know how to deal with them. Last week I got a text from Vic asking if I was busy on the 18th August. I don't expect her to realise the significance of the date but it make me upset that I will probably the only one who knows and cares.
I keep thinking about what should be happening at the moment. I'm dreading it. I can't talk to John, I don't want to upset him.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer at last.

After weeks and weeks of rain the sun has finally shown its face. All the outdoor toys are outside. The paddling pool has been filled up and emptied by James with his bucket. He doesn't really get the fact you are meant to go in it and he stands round the edge splashing. Yesterday I got sunburnt, today I'm trying to get rid of the strap marks from yesterday.
Still house hunting. Hopefully we might have found somewhere. x

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Busy few days.

We are all shattered at home. We have had a busy few days. On Wednesday we nipped over to Col's and dropped off Jess present. James played with Marley. Though he did manage to bang his head by trying to wrestle Marley from behind, only they both fell backward and James banged his head on the door.
On Thurdays Col and Marley visited. Went into town got James a few T-shirts in the sale. We both then went to mums, as Katie was visiting. James and Marley both stayed up very late. They played nicely together. James managed to fall off a wine rack and cut his cheek on some plastic bricks.
On Friday I went shopping in Lincoln with Hol. We were both looking for an outfit to wear for Saturday. Didn't find anything, but had a good time. Met John and James at mums, then went to Partney for tea as it was Grandmas birthday. Another late night for James.
On Saturday we met John's dad and family at Rand Farm Park. James enjoyed looking round the animals and feeding them. Christine cooked us tea. James manage to fall down the caravan steps. Then the kids all had a play. It was really lovely place to go. Would go back there.
Today, we went to Cadwell park to see car racing. It was good as well. There were 4 races of different lengths and cars. Found a nice grassy spot with plenty of space for James. He loved playing with the grass cuttings and dads watch. James managed to fall down the hill.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sure start party

James and I went to Sure Start today. I didn't realise it was the last one of the term and they were having a mini party. James always makes himself at home here. He managed to find an old push button phone with a long curly cord, he spent all morning obsessing with it. A older kid took it off him and James stalker him and as soon as he put it down James snapped it back up. He didn't even want to go outside on the slide. He just toddled around thrusting the phone at different people making them pretend to talk into it, they tried of give it back to him but he kept forcing it at them to carry on. I left him to it.
James had a major paddy when it was time to pack up, he didn't want to give his phone up. Crying was subsided by party food. Each children was given a bowl, James just sat as near to all the food as possible and gobbled it (who needs a plate). He wasn't interested in pass the parcel, though he didn't like the yo yo which he got. Had a lovely time. It completely worn him out.
We had a walk into town and picked up some cakes for this afternoon. I left James with James and went to help clean Grandmas house. Dad and Janet were there. We all tackled a room each, took a while but got it done. When I got home John had cooked Cottage pie, it was yummy. 
James has discovered the joy of walking backwards, he makes him smile every time he does it. He also enjoys dragging things around at the moment. Trucks, telephones, electric cables and monkey in baby reins. 

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Torch Relay Holbeach

James and I went to see the torch relay in Holbech today. James had already seen it in Boston with his Daddy. We met Col and Marley at the sure start centre and the boys had a little play before we walked down to the town centre. We managed to find a spot where we could see. Marley and James made a tinfoil torch out of a loo roll. James preferred to splash in the puddle as to look what was going on, and instead of waving his torch proceeded to throw it in the puddle and watch it splash. When it when by he was watching but just looked confused and chewed his finger. He was quite fascinated by police motorcycles, hopefully he won't want to be a policeman when he is older.  After the parade, we went to St Ives to pick up a wooden market stall for Marley. St Ives is nice. Went to a pub and had a burger which was raw (twice) ended up hungry. Made up for it by eating a huge ice cream. Had to put up with screaming on the way back from the boys. Marleys car seat has an arm rest, James wanted it up and Marley wanted it down, screaming followed. Had to ply them with food to keep them quiet. Marley ate his, James sat on his.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


I wasn't looking forward to my birthday last year. I had been asked to work and feeling a bit down. It was  OK. I opened my presents in the morning. From John I got a resin kit and a load of pocket watch insides to play with. I got loads of books which is great as I have ran out. I also got some wine, vodka and toffees so I can make toffee vodka. I got a lovely handbag from Katie and wine. I got a going out handbag from Col and a purse. From Vic I got a hair appointment which I have just now. From Dad I got a hair appointment and a facial. Hol got me loads of wine. From Mum I got a lovely skirt, wine, face mask and lotion and a Yankee candle.
In the evening Dad came round and we had Indian and played scrabble. On Sunday we made the mistake of going to Brocklesby show, because it had been so wet the whole field was a quagmire. It was good to see Hol. On Tuesday Dad and Col and family when for a meal.
So all in all a good birthday.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Words James sort of say...

Words James knows...
Wig Wam

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Whew. We have been very busy this last week. On Friday John and I went to see Men in Black 3, we quite liked it but I don't think it will be a film that we remember. On Saturday I went to Sibsey Fete. I did really well, better then I expected. Afterwards I went to Hol's to see her new house. It is really nice.
I'm back at work today and for the rest of the week. Apart from tomorrow went Col and I are off to a spa to be pampered.
James has been ill again. Today he seems better. He has had a high temperature and off his food.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Charlie's birthday

James and I have been out today. We have been to Kids World at Lucky Strikes in Skegness. It is Charlie's 1st birthday to day and we were invited to his party. Had a lovely time. Kids world is great and cheap. It is also almost the right size for James. We did have to crawl around after them all so we are aching all over.
Happy Birthday Charlie. x

Thursday, May 31, 2012

School and home

I have really enjoyed being in school these last 2 weeks. It has made me realise how much I miss having my own class and planning for them and also knowing levels and next steps. It has also made me realise how little time I would have with James, if I worked full time. I rush round in the mornings and hardly see him before I go, then when I get home I make tea, then maybe 2 hours top before it is his bed time. I'm perhaps going to have to think about a part time job, that way it might be the best of both worlds.

I also miss out on the silly little thing he does. Yesterday according to John, he was outside. I was busy filling the big watering can up by using his bucket and tipping it in. He had seen watch John water the fruit bushes and wanted a go. He carried it over to the pots but couldn't lift it high enough to get them. So instead he took some of the soil out of the pot put it on the floor and watered the soil.

Today he has been yelling at ostrichs.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beach again

Wow!! What a change in the weather from last week. Last week we attempted at take James to the beach, but due to the cold, wind and losing wellies it was a a bit of disaster apart from the donuts. So today the plan we to go to Skeg, with the idea of going to the fairy dell.
We went to Dads first and have a lovely meal at Batemans. Unfortunately, it had no water in it. So we went on the beach. James loved it. We didn't get to the sea because he was so happy playing in little puddles, wet sand and throwing stones. We were trying to get him to walk toward the pier but we couldn't shift him. Eventually, with many stops we get to the pier and had an ice cream.
There use to be a mini fairy dell the other side of the pier, so had a walk up there, but it had gone and replace by a lovely play area, so stopped there and James had a little play. I didn't go on the side this time because of what happen yesterday.

Yesterday, Hol and Vic can down for lunch. We went to the Witham and Blue at Landrick. It was OK nothing special. Outside there was a play area. James wanted to go on the side and as it was quite high I went up with him. Hol caught him at the bottom. After a while Hol and I got fed up lifting him up and sliding him down. So I put him on my knee to slide myself and him down. Unfortunately, my skirt got caught up on the side edge. So, I'm sat there hanging on to James, my body wants to conform to gravity and go down the slide. Slowly, my skirt begins to ride up and I start to slide to a bit, then stop. Hol and Vic are laughing, I'm trying to stop myself from flashing everyone and keep James from falling off and at the same time trying to wiggle my bum upward and unhook my skirt. Then I hear ripping, I yell at Hol to grab James, she take him off me, now all I have to do it deify gravity and push myself upwards. Now just before I got on the slide I put suntan lotion on James. So my hands are very oily and I can not get a grip. The only way I manage it is by pushing up with my leg, flashing everyone and humping my bottom backwards. I unhook my skirt and slide down as gracefully as I can. Not only am I very embarrassed, I also have a big hole in my skirt. 

While in Skeg we also had donuts, then headed home.


Saturday, May 19, 2012


Been on Mablethorpe beach today. Gosh it was cold. It was to make up for not going on the beach while we were on holiday. I have to say we didn't stop long. Was heading for a paddle but realised that both his wellis had dropped off so didn't bother. It was so cold that my hands had hot ache as they started to warm through. After donuts and the beach we joined Johns mum and Terry at the caravan. It was nice to see them. Janet gave James a sandcastle bucket full of Easter eggs. Yummy. I think they will last him until Christmas. X

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


James has just fallen off the sofa, thought he was OK. 10 mins later there is a huge bump on his head. He seems OK he eat a lot of breakfast after and didn't have a problem with coordination. He has gone down for a nap now and we are going to keep an eye on him.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


This morning I asked James to go and get me the phone as I needed ring the estate agent. I thought he would just ignore me. But off he toddles get the phone and pasts it to me. Result. He will be able to make me a coffee soon.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Yesterday was MOT day. Booked in first thing in the morning waited while they did it. Got a big fat fail. Luckily it was not about to blow up and all it need was some welding (he could put his hand through the hold in the sill) and a new tyre. Took it down to get them sorted today, walked the 2 miles back home, quite pleased with myself because I don't do walking. John was pleased I was back because he has been ill all day today. Mum called round for a coffee decided we are going to go to Bath for a few days toward to end of the year.
Picked the car up about 3:30 this time I took the bus. Took me ages to work out which bus I needed, only cost £1.05 bargain.
I think I have had my first conversation with James today. I went like this.

James: Gone (looking out of the window).
Me: Whats' gone?
James: Cat.

Normally talking to him it like talking to a dog, there is a mild curiosity as to what you are stay and then he wanders off babbling to himself distracted.
We were in the garden after dinner. He was watching the pigeons, so I went and got a slice of bread to feed them. Unfortunately for the pigeons James took the bread off me and ate it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Too tall.

Had to chop the feet off James' babygrow. He has loads of pj's but they are all ironed and packed away ready for our holiday. He didn't seem to mind. Z

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Touch wood

Hopefully, fingers crossed and touch wood. We might have found our new home. It is a choice of 2 and neither of us are bothered which one we get as they are both beautiful.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Still Ill

James is still poorly, hoping that he will be better by next week as we are going away. What we going to be a weekend away has turned into a week away with Janet, Paul and Dad joining us midweek.
James can now sometimes put shapes in the right spaces in his sorter.

Monday, April 16, 2012


James is beginning to connect things together. For example this morning I got he mat out ready for breakfast and he when across to his high chair and started to pull it, knowing that the mat goes with the high chair. Also today I had finished my yoghurt, he was looking in my bowl. I held it up and said gone. He then held up his plate and repeated the sounds. His favourite books are the type with flaps he can open. We read Dear Zoo together, every time we reach the monkey I make a monkey sound. Today (we haven't read it for a while because we like Oh Dear at the moment.) went we reached the monkey he made the monkey noise before me.

He seems to be feeling a little better today. Though last night at 4:00 he had to have a bath because he was sick everywhere.

We are going to the National Trust open day on Saturday, a few of the houses are open for free. Depending on the weather, depends on where we go. If it is cold we are going to Southwell workhouse and if it looks better weather we are going to head into Derbyshire.

We think we might have found a house, at last. Going to look at it on Sunday and decide.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


James has had his first bout of proper sickness over teh last few days. We are blaming Marley, Col bought him round mid week. She told us he had a bug which he caught for baby club and that he had spend a few days being poorly. James caught it. Hopefully the worst is over. He has spent a few hours this evening clambering over the sofa and going behind the cushions, so I think he is feeling better, though he is still off his food.

We have exciting news. John sister is getting married next year and John step brother has had a little baby.

We have also booked a weekend away in Yarmouth, so looking forward to it.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Been a few days since I have written anything. Had a few glasses of wine so please excuse the spelling mistakes. James is tucked up in bed, he has had his jabs today so is probably feeling a little low. He was very brave, the first jab was fine he cried afterwards, then he was wary of the other 2, which anyone would be. He had a little chocolate and some milk, he didn't take long to calm down.

The Easter egg hunt went well. James didn't really get it. He found one egg, then threw the sameone over and over again. But he enjoyed being outside. Marley again didn't really get it. He found one egg and yelled until someone had opened it. Then he found another and did the same. He ended up with a large Cadbury's cream egg munching the whole thing down. The day ended with John, Emily and Peter burning things.

John was rubbing my neck the other morning, James on seeing him came across and the joined in. He like his cat teddy. Today we were playing hunt the cat. I hid it and James had to find it. He was really good at it. He also has a new word, bath, which sounds like bah, but we know what he means.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Easter Weekend Saturday

Decided to head out for the day. Was going to Sandringham but the weather wasn't great so went to Hunstanton with the intention that if the weather got really bad we would go to the sea life centre. I think everyone else had the same idea. It cool at the front, we went round the amusements, James had a go on a helicopter ride. He had a little walk round with his new shoes. After a bite to eat we headed to Wells. James got a cat teddy, John was asking him to choose between 2, James wanted both. A nice day. We are all very tired, so hoping James will have a lie in tomorrow morning. Tomorrow we are going to make Chocolate rice crispy cakes and going on an Easter egg hunt to Col's.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Easter Weekend

Have just been into town to get James his first pair of shoes. Up until now he has been tottering round in a leather pair which are really thin. Got him measured in Oldrids he is 4 1/2 G, which is quite wide. He was very good and behaved himself. They didn't have the right fit. So we tried Clarks and got a pair from there. £16!! how expensive for a pair of shoes which will last about 8 weeks. Now I know what size he is we are going to get a cheaper pair from somewhere to use as a dirty pair and a pair for best.
James likes rough and tumble. Today, as John was cleaning the mat James kept toddling over to him and throwing himself on to Daddy's back with a roar. John then tickled him. He loves it, I just wish he won't do the same thing to Marley as he knocks him over and lays on top of him. James giggling, Marley moaning. x

Monday, April 02, 2012


James is obsessed with cats. Point to dog in the street calling it a cat. Lion on the telly, cat. Tiger on telly, cat. Everything is a cat, unless it is a light then we have La. John found some clips of cat and you tube and James spent ages watching them and giggling. Going to see if I can find a cat teddy for him for Easter and a prize at the end of his Easter egg hunt.He is a bit of a daredevil.



Have been away this weekend, leaving my family and swanning off to Manchester for the weekend. I had a really nice time. Went with Hol and met up with Shel and Marco. We went to the dogs on Saturday night, got a good deal by getting in free, pie, £2 bet and free drink with a metro ticket. I only won one race, but it meant I didn't loss to much money. I also found a lovely dress and petticoat. I have been after one for ages so was chuffed to bits to find one and it fitting. Now I need somewhere to wear it. x

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


James is repeating sounds now. He says cat and points to the correct thing. There was a dog on telly, I said dog he tried to copy. He also did the same with bed.

While it is sunny we had been going outside with him. Yesterday we blow up his paddling pool and put a little pit of water in it and his toys. Today, after work we played football, eveytime James got the ball he put it in the paddling pool. He is turning into a right cheeky monkey.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Part 3


A few weeks before James turn one we had his first tottering steps. Up until this weekend, there hasn't been much happening with his walking, and prefers to crawl one one knee dragging his other leg behind him, he does this because it leaves a hand free to carry things. John and I have left him to it thinking he will get there in the end.
Ros came on Friday evening and James seemed to forgot his nerves in all the excitement at seeing her again and started walking across the room. He was showing off a lot that evening, giggling and ginning like mad. He is defiantly going to be a charmer when he is older.
Saturday he walked in the morning while we were getting ready to go to Burghley. He didn't walk much at Burghley but we were on grass and uneven stones, he was happy to walk when you held his hand. Marley however was walking everywhere picking up sticks. At Vic's party, again he was walking all over. I lost him at one point, I assumed someone on our table had him. I walked round the room once and couldn't seem him, then on the second time I found him on a ladies knee, she explain how he walked across the bar to her grinning. There seems to be no stopping him now.

Party weekend part 2

Vic's party was pretty good. It got better once it got going. To begin with the music was very loud and it was really difficult to hear people, which was a shame as there were people there who I haven't seem for a while so it would have been nice being about to have a conversation and hear each other. Maybe I'm getting really old. After a few drink and after the band had sorted out their sound better, things seemed to pick up. Had a good dance. James enjoyed walking round and being admired by everyone. Was slightly hungover the next day. Mum took James home when she left so we stayed a bit longer and was able to have a little bit of a lie in on Sunday
Sunday: Ros and I went to pick Vic up from her house then drove to the hall to tidy up. We then left to go for Sunday dinner , meeting Nick and Maryann at the Burton. It was nice to catch up with them as I hadn't seen them since their wedding. When back to mine for a coffee, Ros sorted out her stuff and headed home. I went top Vic to help unload her car then we both went to mums to have a coffee and cake and pick up James. James had had a lovely time in the garden digging and plant sunflower seed.

Party weekend

We have had a very bust weekend. Ros came down from Bristol on Friday evening. I cooked tea for us all. Later we played games. I wasn't very good at them. I think it might have been the amount of drink making me rubbish. Went to bed about 2:00. James woke up all up at 6:00 the next morning. John got up with him giving me and Ros a chance to have a bit longer in bed.
We had decided that we would go to Burghley house and meet Col, Jess, Em and Marley there and had a picnic in the gardens. We arrived about 11:00, just as we got out of the car Col turned up. When we left Boston it was really sunny and hot as we got nearer and nearer Burghley it got mistier and mistier and turned really cold. Joh insisted we had to drive with the window open beacuse he was hungover and feeling sick. At Burghley got a coffee and by the time we had it and sun came out again.
We started with the garden of suprises, which is a water area which you can play in. James loved it. We stripped him down to him baby vest and let him play. When he started to get cold we changed him warmed him and when and had our picnic. Marley and James loved all the open space to walk round in. Marley didn't seem to understand the idea of a picnic was to sit and eat, not walk all over people food. After another walk round the sculpture garden we left to get ready for Vic party.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lincolnshire craft shows

Trying to find some some Lincolnshire events or village fairs in the area so I can had a small stall. Having trouble finding them. So if you know of any can you let me know.


James has got a back tooth through, his first one. I must get him to the dentist soon. Been to look at another house tonight. We have viewed it before but decided against it. Then had a change of heart went back. John really likes it, I don't. The living area is a lot smaller then other ones we have been looking at.
John is back to feeding James outside because he doesn't have to clean up after him. Looking forward to the weekend. Going to a birthday party. There are going to be people we haven't seen for a while there. Also off to Burghley house on Saturday. Hopefully the weather will stay nice. x

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Went to Skeg today with mum. Had a good look round the shops and picked up a glass dish for Vic's birthday. He a look round the amusements and James went on a ride. Also had ice cream, which James didn't like. Which is odd because last year when he was really small and before he was eating proper food. We went to Buxton and had ice cream and he ate most of it. It was mint choc chip.
We was going to go swimming at South View but because it is now in season they wouldn't let us in. So we went to the garden centre had coffee and there was a sand pit so James had a play in there with his new bucket and spade.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hair cut

OH dear, OH dear, OH dear, think I have made a very bad mistake. Rang on impulse to get an hair appointment today, got booked in. I am now thinking that maybe I should have thought the idea through a bit more. I have a very round bob, and as I have a very round face, so it doesn't really suit. John doesn't like it either. He commented that he likes my hair long. So do I, but it was in such a bad condition that the best idea was to chop it off. I might start to like it when I wash it myself and have a play.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Mothers Day.

I've had a lovely Mothering Sunday, despite not getting my lie in this morning due to John incessant banging around. I got some beautiful flowers and chocolate from James, along with a card which he had scribbled in.
Mum called round this morning, we got her some flowers and I made her a necklace. I have just realised that I have forgotten to give her, her card. Whoops. Mum was off to Nannies and then to Col's for dinner.
We have Sunday dinner at the Red Lion in Partney, it was lovely. Then travelled to Lincoln to see Johns mums. James is so tired that he has gone to bed fully clothes and without his tea. x

Saturday, March 17, 2012


James can now say cat, or ca, but we know what he meets. He enjoys chasing them.

He enjoys dribbling water out of his mouth, extra delight in looking at me to see if I will tell him off.

Now we have had a few nice days we have been put him outside in the garden. He seem to enjoy eating mud and taking the label out of John plants and swapping them around.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


When to Auntie Hazels 5oth bithday party last night. Had a lovely time. Mum, Katie, Col and family were there. Did a bit of dancing, had a few drinks. James was enjoying himself with the disco lights and balloons.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

House hunting.

We are back to house hunting as there is a problem with the one we were looking at. We have 2 weeks to decided before we exchange contracts, so few the last few we have been busy

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Demo glass

This was my demo piece that wouldn't fuse on Thursday. Going to post it to Hol so she can show her class. X


James has learn a new trick, we say where is the light and he points to it. He does kind of let it down by getting excited and pointing to everything and say 'na'.
Been to Grandmas and Dads this afternoon to catch up.
The demo of the kiln was a be of a disaster, I did a mini talk about it and answered lots of questions, but when it came down to fusing it they microwave didn't work. Tried for about 40mins until I gave up.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Sunny Shine and Glass

We have sun shine at last. Making most of it and trying to get as much washing done as possible. I'm trying to get all James old clothes washed, iron and stored ready for when we move. I can't believe how small his things were.
Have put James tractor and track outside and left the back door open. He is happy outside playing on the patio (grass is too wet). hopefully in the new house he will be able to do this more often as there are patio door from the kitchen onto the garden and there will be no shrubs and rose bushes. I have been making some glass this morning, ready for this evening. I'm off to Hol's for tea and I'm going to her stain glass class to show them the microwave kiln. Bit nervous about it, I'm not an expert and a lot of what I do in the kiln is trial and error. I'm having a go at using some of my new glass with I got at the weekend. It looks good so far.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Still thinking

Even though I have written about this in a while, I still think about the what ifs. Had a melt down when I got home from Marley Christening. I think I was worried about seeing all those people and got myself worked up so when I got home I just cried and cried.

James making me laugh.

John gave James a big teddy shaped biscuit. At first he wasn't sure what to make of it and just smiled not realising he could eat it. Then he took a nibble and started laughing. Found it very funny and kept giggling while munching on it. It was a little like an evil laugh.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


John has found a new way of making James laugh. He pretends to be a dog and chases him. James pretends to crawl away but he isn't to sure John will follow him so he keeps checking.
Today James ate a spare rib, to odd to think of a 1 year old eating a rib off the bone, but the baby led weaning allows him to do it. He also have rice and curry. Hopefully he won't be picky as he grows. John gave him one of his peas out of his rice. He was so happy, it must be nice to find really small thing thrilling.

Monday, February 20, 2012

James' 1st birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JAMES. I can't believe it has been a year, it has gone so quickly. We have had a lovely day. James woke us up just gone 7 and he came into our bed and open one of his presents, a car. Then we went downstairs and shown him all the decorations, cards and presents. He first spotted the football and opened it without any help. Then he spotted the balloon from Marleys party yesterday and forgot all about his prezzie and played with his balloon and ball. After a birthday breakfast, I made some, cakes, scones and brownies. We opened a few more presents and cards. Mega blocks from Holly, another car and hammer thing from John and I, gear set from Dad. He had a early nap because he was so tired from yesterday. While he was asleep Vic popped round. After a birthday dinner with a cake and candle there was more playing. At 2:00 Terry and Grandma arrived. James had more presents some lovely clothes and bath toys. Katie, Rod and Colleen turn up a bit later and he got a sit and ride on tractor and a pop up tunnel. Grandad and Grandma Metcalf arrive later with lovely clothes and sweeties. Mum came with Nanny and he got some nice book. Auntie Kerry got him some smart clothes. Vic got him a very neat egg and solider set. He also got some money from both Great Grandma's, Vic, Mum and Auntie Janet.
We had a very nice tea and more cake. I made James a birthday cake. It wasn't my best effort, but it was ok. James played lots and figured out how to use all his presents. He is now tucked up in bed fast asleep. He will have another busy day tomorrow have a good look at all his toys and playing. I'm also about ready for bed, it has been a long day. x

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Poorly and rubbish TV

Still feeling ill, which is rubbish considering how much I have to do to get the home and food ready for Monday. I made some rice crispie cakes today. Saturday TV is rubbish.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Missing James

Feeling at a bit of a loose end at the moment. Mum is having James for a couple of days, we took him there this afternoon. Just rang her to see if he was alright. He had been to see a client of mums and had a lovely time playing the electric organ and playing with a fake cat! It is odd that he is not here and so quiet without him. I keep thinking that he is having a long nap.
I'm feeling poorly at the moment, have a horrid cold. Was hoping to have time with John and do lots of nice thing, but all I feel like is curling up with a hot water bottle.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1 year old.

I can't believe a year has gone by. Marley (nephew) is celebrating his 1st birthday today. It has come around so quickly. He is having a Christening and 1st birthday party on Sunday. We have got him a bottle of vintage port for his Christening present. He can drink it when he turns 18, that if there is any left as Peter, Col and Katie have a taste for port. We have got him a jigsaw for his present and some wooden story models.
In 5 days time it will be James turn. Think I will have to make a birthday cake. I'm think of a number 1, iced with stickers all over it. I'm not that great at decorating but I will have a go. We are having a small party with Grandparents. James has got some cars for his garage, a football, wooden story models and wooden ball thing you hit.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

We don't normally do Valentines day, just a token. I got John a book down the stars you can see this year and a few chocolates. John got me a historic novel, some lovely flowers and some chocolates. John cooked a lovely tea.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Woman in Black

Went to the pictures last night to see Woman in Black. I had read the book the previous week, so was interested to see what the film was like. Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed. Perhaps I shouldn't have read the book first, because from the moment the film started it veered away from the original story. If fact it was so different that it could have had a different title and been a film in its own right. As for being a scary horror movie, it tended to reply on cheap things jumping out and dramatic music to add the element of fear. It should have relied on the story itself being creepy and keeping the tension. It was an OK film, but not fantastic. I would love to see the theatre production to see it take on the book.

Thursday, February 09, 2012


Have had a bit better day to day. Spent some time this morning while James was having his morning nap to make some piece of jewellery using my microwave kiln. The other day I order a new glass cutter because the one I have is poor and I end up with lots of waste uneven glass. This is a Toyo make and is super, very easy to use. So I had a nice time playing with that and some glass I ordered. Made 2 pendants. After dinner John and I took James to the park on the swings, not for long as it was cold and started to snow. Than we got ours selves warm through with cake and tea. John wandered off home while James and I looked round the shops. James fell asleep in Boots. I only bought a new plastic mat to go under James high chair to catch all his food he throws.


When to the hospital yesterday for what I thought was the final scan. I was hoping that this would be the last thing and then I could move on. Not forget, just start to get back to normal and work. Unfortunately, this was not to be. The scan picked up that there was some tissue left. This get prove to be a problem if I get an infection. There was back to the options of pill, leave it or operation. I have chosen to leave it till next week and hopefully fingers crossed it will sort its self out. I have a scan booked for next Thursday at 10. If it hasn't gone by then I'm going to take to pill. I doesn't sound a good option but better than the operation. Feeling down still and angry about it, which John is getting.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

New highchair

James is his new Fisher Price Ez clean. highchair. It is a little more snug then his other one and I'm hoping it lasts. It seems a lot easier to clean and hopefully it won't stain like the other one. It is a bit chunky when it is folded but that won't be a problem in the new house because it will be left up. X

Highchair and Mothercare.

Before the weekend John found that our highchair has a tear in it where the fabric pushes against the plastic as it is folded. I was so annoyed as we have only been using it 5 months and it was quite expensive. Email Mothercare twice and got no reply. However made a comment on facebook and they got in touch with me straight away. Rang me yesterday and ask if I would like another one. Chose a Fisher Price Easy Clean. It arrived today. Fantastic customer service. I was very impressed as I had set myself up into having to argue my case. Very pleased with the chair as well.

Not so good.

Not a great day today. Feeling quite low again. I helps me write things down here. I don't think I will every post these post though. Just here for my own outlet. Still sleeping poorly. John asked me to get up about 9:15 I wish he hadn't. I had an awful headache and James was screaming in his high chair while eating his breakfast. All I wanted to do was sleep and think.
I just want sometime on my own. I wanted to go into town this afternoon, but John was wanting to get some balloons ordered and I felt bad because him looking after James wouldn't allow him to do that. Then he wanted us all to go to B and Q. I just wanted to go and have a quiet coffee and a look round the shops.
I'm bored with the routine things. I get up, feed James, change him, dress him. Then we play or I watch him until nap time 10:30 then he get up and I change him and start dinner, forward by clearing up. Then more play/watching TV, then nap at 3:30. Forward by me cooking tea and feeding him, changing him, PJs on and a quick play before he goes to bed. Then it is telly on. That is my day and it has been for weeks. I'm so fed up. John does help tidy, wash up, washing clothes. But he thinks I just sit in the other room and watch TV. He doesn't seem to play with him as much now. Just sits on his computer and moans about how much he hasn't been able to do.

Monday, February 06, 2012


Have been feeling a little down the last few days. I haven't been sleeping very well, so have been going downstairs to read so I don't disturb John. I'm fine when I'm busy but feeling as if something is missing. Sounds odd. There is a baby I will never get to hold.
After I few tears tonight and John comforting me again. I mentioned to John that I would like a blossom tree in our new garden, thinking that would be a nice way to remember the baby. It gets to me that I will have nothing to remember him by. I didn't tell John that was why I wanted a tree thinking he would think I was being silly. Speaking him tonight he had a similar plan to plant a rose bush at the new house. I think I blossom would be more suitable as James can play under it and it looks beautiful in spring.
Just 2 more days to get through. Tomorrow was meant to be 12 week scan day. I day where I would be able to see my baby. Wednesday is now scan day just to check that everything has gone. Deep breath.

No longer a baby but a toddler (nearly).

James walked his first few wobbly steps today. Unfortunately John was in the dinning room so he missed it and I didn't yell him through in case he fell over. He was holding on to his bouncing zebra and I had his barking puppet dog and he wanted it, so very carefully he let go and took one step forward wobbled, steadied himself and then took another step and fell onto me and the dog.
Let in the afternoon he took a step just for Daddy in the dinning room. I have just been on the internet and bought him 2 pair of soft leather shoes to celebrate.

Sunday, February 05, 2012


My little boy will soon be 1. Any ideas for a prezzie for him? I can't believe how quickly a year has gone by.



I hate the snow, but feel that I ought to venture out in it to let James experience it wet and cold delights. John has already cleared 2 paths and been to Asda and it only 11:30. Me however have managed to get myself dressed and that is about it.

Right I had better hunt out the wellies and James waterproof.

PS. Rang Grandma this morning and while I was on the phone James sneaked into the kitchen cupboard and pour out all the dried pasta and was attempting to eat it. I felt bad taking him away from it because he was enjoying himself and seemed very pleased at his accomplishment. He even help clear away.


Friday, February 03, 2012

Microwave kiln

I'm really back into making glass pendants with my Hot Pot microwave kiln. I got it for Christmas two years ago and since having James it was relegated to a box for a while. Plus I thought it was getting old because it was taking nearly an hour to melt the glass, turns out I had melted the microwave. Now we have a new microwave and it take 7.5 minutes. Result! Just takes a bit longer to cool down.
Getting better at cutting glass as well now. I have bought a better glass cutter today in the hope that I won't make as much waste.
Will get some pictures on later.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Things seem too be getting easier. James has his first top tooth through this evening. He also has a terrible cold and chest infection. John took him to the doctors yesterday and he is now on antibiotics and lots of cuddles. John has booked us an appointment to go and see the house on the 11th Feb. We get to choose the d├ęcor for the house. James also has starting to feed himself with a spoon. It is very messy.
Trying to arrange a small birthday party for him. We are having it on his birthday (Monday) and have invited the Grandparent and Marley over for cake. Not having a big do as he won't remember it.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


John was emptying the washing this morning. James took his sock off and put it into the empty machine. I guess it was dirty. He has a bit of a washing machine obsession, he can reach the dials and turn them. 11:00 tonight he had to have a bath. He was sick all over himself and his bed and had fallen asleep in it. Think it was the cheese omelette.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Finding it difficult

Everything is rather tough at the moment. I'm Ok most of the time, but sometimes I think about the new house or not having a new baby to hold and I get upset again. We were looking forward to this year, so many exciting things were going to happen. The weekend before we had at last found a house and on the Sunday put a reserve down. We had planned how to arrange the room for the new baby and the furniture we would have to get for James big boys room. Now we have an empty spare bed.

I thought I was doing so well with this pregnancy. With James the whole thing was rather scary as I didn't know what to expect. Throughout this one I have been relaxed and calm and was enjoying the experience. I was so looking forward to having a new addition to our family.

I had just started to tell people outside of the family about me being pregnant. I'm worried that someone who hasn't heard the news will ask me questions or congratulate me and I will have to explain that there is no baby. I don't feel I can do that without getting upset. Because of this I don't want to leave the house in case I see someone. We are meant to go and chose units for our new kitchen but at the moment I don't think I can. It should be an exciting time organising the new house, but the lady who is dealing with it all knows I'm pregnant and I can't face seeing her.
I'm not looking forward to seeing the empty spare room.

I think/hope that once the final scan is over on Wednesday we can draw a line under things. Not forget, just move on.

I only have one congratulations card to remember the baby by. I know it sounds silly calling it a baby when it is only a few weeks old. But I know it was a baby. I was mine and Johns and he would have been beautiful and blonde just like James.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sad News

Unfortunately this baby wasn't to be. Experienced a small amount of bleeding on Friday, it slowly increased over the weekend. On Tuesday decided to get it checked out and go to A&E. Col babysat while John and I went it. They checked my blood then sent me home with a scan appointment for the following day.
Wednesday had the scan and was told that there was no baby. Apparently it happened very early on in the pregnancy and there was not a think I could have done differently. Naturally, we all were very upset and shocked. We were given a few options, I decided to let my body sort it out rather than pills and operations. Have a scan booked in for the 8th Feb to make sure everything has gone back to normal.
Mum was babysitting James. John rang dad and told him. Dad went to see Grandma and told her. Mum stayed until James had his dinner. We decided to go and see Col because Peter had gone to India and she would be on her own. Dad met us at Cols and after a few tears we went to the pub for a bit to eat. It was OK. Took our mind off things and James was entertained by Marley. Got back at 7:30. I rang Katie and told her. John rang his mum.
Had bad cramps today all morning, but by dinner time things seems to have calmed down. I pleased it hasn't taken very long. Hopefully the worse is over. Still teary but James is keeping us busy and John is doing a very good job of looking after me, but I think he needs looking after too. x

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Happy baby

I am so lucky to have such a lovely family. James is mostly a happy, smiley baby. John is looking after both of us at the moment as I'm not feeling my best. Though I have been feeling better today. Been to see Holly today. Had a really good natter.
Feeling very content at the moment. 2012 has started well. Lots of exciting things to look forward to. Can't wait.


Was thinking about stuff earlier today. I must write things down before I forget them. Here I go there are random and not in order.

Despite a horrid start I loved feeding James during the night and early morning. It was just me, him and sometimes House. After feeding he would stretch his arms up and arch his back and curl himself round. We used to open the curtains and watch it get light and listen to the birds singing. Was very sad to give it all up but I needed to go back to work.

James, a few months again, say brum brum. Normally it is a happy noise, though if he is upset he says it in a very sad voice and it makes me smile.

Dreamt last night, that while I was asleep John had sanded down all the cupboards in the kitchen, then painted suns on them. He didn't like the sun design so waxed them all. I than had a go at him because we were moving and if he want to sand anything he should do the doors. Keep having weird dreams.

James can click his fingers.

This week he said Dad. He has said it only twice. Thing he has forgotten about it now. He is zooming round crawling now and pulling himself around the furniture. We are still waiting for top teeth. I think there are 4 coming through.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Blood Tests

Had the first lot of blood tests on Wednesday. I hate having them done, it isn't the pain of the needle it is the thought of the blood being drawn out. Makes me go all hot and bothered. The scan is all booked in on 7th Feb. Hopefully mum will look after James the night before, I don't fancy him being there and he is also getting to the stage where as soon as the buggy stops moving he wants to get out.
James have 4 top teeth nearly poking through, this might explain why he has gone off his food and is all grumpy and clingy. When to baby peep today, he likes it there and has a good explore and look at the other babies. I just have to be careful that he doesn't go for their eyes.
Feel very tired and sick. Also I've had headache for the last 4 days. Can't seem to get rid of it. I had forgot how much I don't like being pregnant and how tired it makes me. I'm also being very fussy about what I eat. Have gone off sweet things.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. Hope you have a a lovely Christmas and New Year. We certainly have. New year we went to Col's she did a buffet and then went to the pub and sang Karaoke. Love it. Hopefully this year will be as good as last year. x