Saturday, January 07, 2012


Was thinking about stuff earlier today. I must write things down before I forget them. Here I go there are random and not in order.

Despite a horrid start I loved feeding James during the night and early morning. It was just me, him and sometimes House. After feeding he would stretch his arms up and arch his back and curl himself round. We used to open the curtains and watch it get light and listen to the birds singing. Was very sad to give it all up but I needed to go back to work.

James, a few months again, say brum brum. Normally it is a happy noise, though if he is upset he says it in a very sad voice and it makes me smile.

Dreamt last night, that while I was asleep John had sanded down all the cupboards in the kitchen, then painted suns on them. He didn't like the sun design so waxed them all. I than had a go at him because we were moving and if he want to sand anything he should do the doors. Keep having weird dreams.

James can click his fingers.

This week he said Dad. He has said it only twice. Thing he has forgotten about it now. He is zooming round crawling now and pulling himself around the furniture. We are still waiting for top teeth. I think there are 4 coming through.

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