Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Scotland here we come.

There is under 2 weeks till we go way to Scotland. I have started packing already. I live for going on holiday. It doesn't have to be much or far or for very long but the knowledge that you are going away in the near future keeps me going in the present.
We are going to a Pitlochry. It is in the highlands. I have never been to Scotland before really looking forward to it. I have been looking on the internet and there is so much we can do in the area. I only problem is that I'm not taking my car so therefore can no escape if I need to. I suppose I can always take a walk.

Sam X

Sunday, March 25, 2007


HELP. The clocks have changed I have lost an hour of my life. Stopped at Johns last time which meant I had to get up early with him to work and as I've lost an hour I got woken up at 4am. 4am!!! crazy time of the day. This is a time which don't very often see. Maybe I should be grateful to John for giving me the opportunity to see it?

Sam X

PS More Amsterdam pics.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mummmmm Cake


Have just finished making and baking Vicky's birhtday cake. I started this morning at 11 and have only just finished. It is a bit pink. It wasn't meant to be this pink I spilt the pink colouring. Never main so likes pink. I'm quite pleased with myself. I rang her up this morning while I was making the flowers on it. She was saying that she wasn't going to get a cake this year. WRONG. I just hope it taste ok. Going to give her it today. I haven't got anything to store it in. Hope she likes it.
Sam X
PS I have to use a marker pen to write on it. It was the only thing I had must remember to tell people they can't eat that bit.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Not working again

It has been a very slow week. I haven't had a day of work. Nor have I had any money from the job centre because they are still looking into my claim. So I bit poor at the moment.
Though I did go shopping yesterday. I brought a fantastic pair of trousers from next. They are going to be my paddling trousers for when I go gold panning in Scotland. This is because you can tie them up and make them shorter. I also brought two nice tops as well. But don't worry I didn;t spend any money because I has some vouchers left over from Christmas.
Going to Amsterdam on Thursday. Really looking forward to it. We are going to the Science meseam there it is meant to be really cool and very hands on.
Went to Vic's at the weekend had Hol a friend from uni down. It was really nice to catch up.
Any way going now.
Sam x