Sunday, March 04, 2007

Not working again

It has been a very slow week. I haven't had a day of work. Nor have I had any money from the job centre because they are still looking into my claim. So I bit poor at the moment.
Though I did go shopping yesterday. I brought a fantastic pair of trousers from next. They are going to be my paddling trousers for when I go gold panning in Scotland. This is because you can tie them up and make them shorter. I also brought two nice tops as well. But don't worry I didn;t spend any money because I has some vouchers left over from Christmas.
Going to Amsterdam on Thursday. Really looking forward to it. We are going to the Science meseam there it is meant to be really cool and very hands on.
Went to Vic's at the weekend had Hol a friend from uni down. It was really nice to catch up.
Any way going now.
Sam x


Anonymous said...

Help Im dying feel like my head will explode or my nose fall off. send me love and sympathy or else I may never survive.

Enjoy amsterdam

Did you get the jo applications filled out.

Wally Banners said...

i LOVE gold panning. I used to do it alot in california. So much I fell in love with gold and bought tons of it as an investment. I love Amsterdam but I go there to blow my mind with delicous shroomies and misc. Have a great time Doll!

Omni said...
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Omni said...

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Kate said...

so how was amsterham have you got pic's or are you still recovering from being a stone-head!!!!!!!
it's just dirty samantha i expected more from you lol
anyway hope you had a good time let me know what you got up too