Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mummmmm Cake


Have just finished making and baking Vicky's birhtday cake. I started this morning at 11 and have only just finished. It is a bit pink. It wasn't meant to be this pink I spilt the pink colouring. Never main so likes pink. I'm quite pleased with myself. I rang her up this morning while I was making the flowers on it. She was saying that she wasn't going to get a cake this year. WRONG. I just hope it taste ok. Going to give her it today. I haven't got anything to store it in. Hope she likes it.
Sam X
PS I have to use a marker pen to write on it. It was the only thing I had must remember to tell people they can't eat that bit.

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Kate said...

where have all the people gone no one leaves me comments anymore its soooooooooo lonely xx