Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Too tall.

Had to chop the feet off James' babygrow. He has loads of pj's but they are all ironed and packed away ready for our holiday. He didn't seem to mind. Z

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Touch wood

Hopefully, fingers crossed and touch wood. We might have found our new home. It is a choice of 2 and neither of us are bothered which one we get as they are both beautiful.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Still Ill

James is still poorly, hoping that he will be better by next week as we are going away. What we going to be a weekend away has turned into a week away with Janet, Paul and Dad joining us midweek.
James can now sometimes put shapes in the right spaces in his sorter.

Monday, April 16, 2012


James is beginning to connect things together. For example this morning I got he mat out ready for breakfast and he when across to his high chair and started to pull it, knowing that the mat goes with the high chair. Also today I had finished my yoghurt, he was looking in my bowl. I held it up and said gone. He then held up his plate and repeated the sounds. His favourite books are the type with flaps he can open. We read Dear Zoo together, every time we reach the monkey I make a monkey sound. Today (we haven't read it for a while because we like Oh Dear at the moment.) went we reached the monkey he made the monkey noise before me.

He seems to be feeling a little better today. Though last night at 4:00 he had to have a bath because he was sick everywhere.

We are going to the National Trust open day on Saturday, a few of the houses are open for free. Depending on the weather, depends on where we go. If it is cold we are going to Southwell workhouse and if it looks better weather we are going to head into Derbyshire.

We think we might have found a house, at last. Going to look at it on Sunday and decide.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


James has had his first bout of proper sickness over teh last few days. We are blaming Marley, Col bought him round mid week. She told us he had a bug which he caught for baby club and that he had spend a few days being poorly. James caught it. Hopefully the worst is over. He has spent a few hours this evening clambering over the sofa and going behind the cushions, so I think he is feeling better, though he is still off his food.

We have exciting news. John sister is getting married next year and John step brother has had a little baby.

We have also booked a weekend away in Yarmouth, so looking forward to it.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Been a few days since I have written anything. Had a few glasses of wine so please excuse the spelling mistakes. James is tucked up in bed, he has had his jabs today so is probably feeling a little low. He was very brave, the first jab was fine he cried afterwards, then he was wary of the other 2, which anyone would be. He had a little chocolate and some milk, he didn't take long to calm down.

The Easter egg hunt went well. James didn't really get it. He found one egg, then threw the sameone over and over again. But he enjoyed being outside. Marley again didn't really get it. He found one egg and yelled until someone had opened it. Then he found another and did the same. He ended up with a large Cadbury's cream egg munching the whole thing down. The day ended with John, Emily and Peter burning things.

John was rubbing my neck the other morning, James on seeing him came across and the joined in. He like his cat teddy. Today we were playing hunt the cat. I hid it and James had to find it. He was really good at it. He also has a new word, bath, which sounds like bah, but we know what he means.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Easter Weekend Saturday

Decided to head out for the day. Was going to Sandringham but the weather wasn't great so went to Hunstanton with the intention that if the weather got really bad we would go to the sea life centre. I think everyone else had the same idea. It cool at the front, we went round the amusements, James had a go on a helicopter ride. He had a little walk round with his new shoes. After a bite to eat we headed to Wells. James got a cat teddy, John was asking him to choose between 2, James wanted both. A nice day. We are all very tired, so hoping James will have a lie in tomorrow morning. Tomorrow we are going to make Chocolate rice crispy cakes and going on an Easter egg hunt to Col's.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Easter Weekend

Have just been into town to get James his first pair of shoes. Up until now he has been tottering round in a leather pair which are really thin. Got him measured in Oldrids he is 4 1/2 G, which is quite wide. He was very good and behaved himself. They didn't have the right fit. So we tried Clarks and got a pair from there. £16!! how expensive for a pair of shoes which will last about 8 weeks. Now I know what size he is we are going to get a cheaper pair from somewhere to use as a dirty pair and a pair for best.
James likes rough and tumble. Today, as John was cleaning the mat James kept toddling over to him and throwing himself on to Daddy's back with a roar. John then tickled him. He loves it, I just wish he won't do the same thing to Marley as he knocks him over and lays on top of him. James giggling, Marley moaning. x

Monday, April 02, 2012


James is obsessed with cats. Point to dog in the street calling it a cat. Lion on the telly, cat. Tiger on telly, cat. Everything is a cat, unless it is a light then we have La. John found some clips of cat and you tube and James spent ages watching them and giggling. Going to see if I can find a cat teddy for him for Easter and a prize at the end of his Easter egg hunt.He is a bit of a daredevil.



Have been away this weekend, leaving my family and swanning off to Manchester for the weekend. I had a really nice time. Went with Hol and met up with Shel and Marco. We went to the dogs on Saturday night, got a good deal by getting in free, pie, £2 bet and free drink with a metro ticket. I only won one race, but it meant I didn't loss to much money. I also found a lovely dress and petticoat. I have been after one for ages so was chuffed to bits to find one and it fitting. Now I need somewhere to wear it. x