Friday, April 06, 2012

Easter Weekend

Have just been into town to get James his first pair of shoes. Up until now he has been tottering round in a leather pair which are really thin. Got him measured in Oldrids he is 4 1/2 G, which is quite wide. He was very good and behaved himself. They didn't have the right fit. So we tried Clarks and got a pair from there. £16!! how expensive for a pair of shoes which will last about 8 weeks. Now I know what size he is we are going to get a cheaper pair from somewhere to use as a dirty pair and a pair for best.
James likes rough and tumble. Today, as John was cleaning the mat James kept toddling over to him and throwing himself on to Daddy's back with a roar. John then tickled him. He loves it, I just wish he won't do the same thing to Marley as he knocks him over and lays on top of him. James giggling, Marley moaning. x

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