Friday, April 13, 2012


Been a few days since I have written anything. Had a few glasses of wine so please excuse the spelling mistakes. James is tucked up in bed, he has had his jabs today so is probably feeling a little low. He was very brave, the first jab was fine he cried afterwards, then he was wary of the other 2, which anyone would be. He had a little chocolate and some milk, he didn't take long to calm down.

The Easter egg hunt went well. James didn't really get it. He found one egg, then threw the sameone over and over again. But he enjoyed being outside. Marley again didn't really get it. He found one egg and yelled until someone had opened it. Then he found another and did the same. He ended up with a large Cadbury's cream egg munching the whole thing down. The day ended with John, Emily and Peter burning things.

John was rubbing my neck the other morning, James on seeing him came across and the joined in. He like his cat teddy. Today we were playing hunt the cat. I hid it and James had to find it. He was really good at it. He also has a new word, bath, which sounds like bah, but we know what he means.

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