Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Week 7

I can't believe I'm 7 weeks pregnant. I don't know whether it is because I expecting and therefore notice it more, but everyone seems to talking babies, in telly, at work and family. Very odd.
Still no morning sickness, I know I should think it a blessing but it would be nice to have some so I know he is OK.
I am so tired and exhausted all the time. I wake up and I'm still tired, I get home from work and need to go straight to bed to recover. Headaches seem to have stopped this might be because I am trying to drink lots more water.
John say that baby is going to look like me but have his intelligence, does this mean he thinks I'm thick?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birthday Bash part 2.

Turns out not drinking didn't spoil my night at all. In fact I meant I remember everything and felt ok in the morning while other were being rather sick. I had a wicked time, though I can't help thinking that next years birthday I will be in a very different situation.

Birthday Bash

Last night was my big 30 birthday bash. BBQ with friend and family and Dad's house. Think about 40 people were there. Loved it. It was ace. Very chilled. Holly brought her fire pit. So sat round until 3:30am talking, then camped in the garden. Morning was lots of bacon buttys, cake and water. Most random part of the night. Katie not sleeping in the table but outside in a hammock. Most drunk person award goes to Holly, as does the most hungover.
Very tired now even though I've had an afternoon nap. Also have red legs.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Doctor appointment.

Really nervous about it. I have been in school all day, so had to rush home, then rush out again. Probably for the best as I didn't have long to think about it. John finished work early to come with me, he is going to come to them all. The Doctor was lovely, very young and friendly. He had a young family and was telling us what happened to his wife. Went through the dos and don'ts, I had already read about most of it. He was very congratulatory, which was lovely because we haven't told anyone yet.
The only question we had was that I have been suffering for migraines and I didn't know what medication to take. The only think that works is a cold compress and a dark room and try to sleep through it. Still haven't got morning sickness yet. I have lost my appetite, which is a pain for John as he doesn't get fed. Then all of a sudden it comes back and I need a certain food, normal something dry.
We have also booked in an appointment at the midwife. It is on the 9th July. It will be the blood tests. Explained to the doctor that I don't really do needles and he said that if I have any problems to see him and he would take the blood.
So we are all happy. It is nice to know that Bean Baby is acutely there and I haven't just made him up. Scan will be in week 11 or 12. Can't wait to see him and make it seem all real. Will also give us something to some people when we tell them.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Week 6

We are into week 6. Month and half pregnant. This week have finally got the Doctors appointment on Thursday. Looking forward to someone confirming I am pregnant, because even though I feel tired and a little bit sick, there has been not other symptoms. The weekend away was interesting. Was all the time thinking that Dad would realise that I wasn't drinking and guess why. Still have an urge to tell everyone. Still only 6 weeks to go.
Have my birthday to get through next. That should be easy because everyone is drinking and therefore won't notice that I'm not.
Colleen and Katie keeps on about wanting to go to Pleasure Island for a day trip. Again I won't be able to go on the big rough rides. Colleen wants to book her hen party and go to Go Ape, which I won't be able to do. Rubbish.
I ate scampi today by mistake. I knew it was scampi, but I always thought scampi was fish. Whoops. John was eating melted Camembert yesterday. I also have to change my menu for Colleen's wedding.
But apart from me moaning about all the things I can't do or eat. I'm still excited and fascinated about it all. The baby is now the size of a large bean, around 1.2cm. We have already decided not to find out what sex it is. I'm starting to say name ideas to John. The decision is that he chooses the boys name and I get to choose the girls but we both have to agree. I have 2 that stand out already but I'm not telling just yet.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Week 5

Week 5 and I think everything is OK. I haven't got an appointment with the Doctor until next week. Apparently this is the worst week for a miscarriage. Fingers crossed. Started reading the pregnancy book at the back. It got to scary and gory, so I'm just going to read one week in front at the moment. One step at a time.
Katie was round on Saturday, she brought loads of wine. I brought grape juice and fizzy pink stuff. Me and John swapped glasses. Katie mentioned the fact the wine looked different. Good job she put lemonade in hers. She also keeps patting my belly, says she can feel it kicking. Little does she know. She also brought up the conversation at Dads about how he would never have Grandchildren. Hee Hee.
Have worked out baby should be due on the 17th Feb 2011. Only 7 weeks till I can share the news. Not sure how to do it yet.


PS. Have gone off coffee can't seem to stand the smell and now drinking tea. Also finding it difficult at the moment to cut out caffeine. Feeling tired as well but that is probably due to work for the last 2 weeks.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Found out 2 days ago I'm pregnant. We're really pleased about it, though I think it still hasn't sunk in yet. John seems calmer then me. I'm in a tizz. Have gone and bought a baby book and folic acid. Also have booked a doctors appointment which is on the 24th June. I have learnt that the baby is the size and shape of a grain of rice and that is has already started to develop a spine and brain. Already panicking about not being able get in and out of the bath, but the biggest fear is BLOOD TESTS.

The most difficult thing is not to race round telling everyone our news. I was never any good at secrets. We have to wait until 12 weeks. At the moment I'm 4 weeks and 5 days, so there is a long way to go.

I have also realised that I won't be about to drink of 9 months. The last glass of wine I have was really nasty, I wish I had known it was going to be my last because I would have drank something good. Tonight I have Katie round. She has just lost her job in Brighton and is going round to get to drown her sorrows with me. So John and I have come up with a plan, the same plan with be enforced on my birthday BBQ. We are going to stock up on Shloer and grape juice. John is going to pretend to drink it, I will pretend to drink wine and we are going to do a sneaky swap. hopefully Katie will be a few glasses ahead of me to realise.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Birthday plans.

It is going to be a busy week, as I am in school for the next 2 weeks. Forgotten what it is like planning and marking when I get home, instead of feet up, watching telly. Though it all seems to be coming back to me pretty fast.
Birthday plans are starting to come together. Booze stocks are building and invites are nearly all out (sorry if I forgot you).

Saturday, June 05, 2010


I know it is really bad but I have starter to employ slaves to help me make my jewellery. At the moment I have 2, known as Linda (mum) and Col (sister). They are very cheap and last night Col even brought tea for us.
I'm in a bit of a panic, I have a show on Sunday at Louth and at the last show I sold quite a lot of things. this leave me worry I won't have enough stock. So Col very kindly offered to help. She like threading things, so she made lots of lovely memory bracelets. I made a few pieces to. The one above is one of hers. Pretty. Going to do a few more today. Hopefully the postman will arrive with lots of beads for me.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Car insurance.

My car insurance is due in a few days. Every year I have to mess around to find a new insurer because the old one keep putting the price up. I have had a go 3rd party because it is so much cheaper. It means I won't be able to drive other people cars, which I like doing.
Sorry, moan over.
I has been a beautiful few days here is sunny Boston. I managed to get a little bit burnt yesterday. Must remember to buy some sun cream. Was in the garden making some jewellery. I just forgot how long I was out there. Lastest make is in the picture above.
Business cards arrived today, very exciting. Though there is a mistake on them, but John didn't notice so hopefully nobody else will. They have arrive just in time as I have a show on Sunday. Louth classic car and country show.