Wednesday, July 25, 2007

So much to do.

I never realised that there is so much to sort out even before I have started to teach. Of course I realised that there was going to be planning and all that but there is so much more.
The guy who was teaching in there before me has left the classroom in a bit of a state. I have just started to tidy out my cupboard and unearthed loads of stuff that the school have thought they had lost and teachers have been looking for for ages.
Blue tack is like gold. Which thankfully the teacher I'm replacing seemed to have a blue tack fetish so I have hordes of the stuff. Maybe I should start selling it.
The staff are really nice and extremely helpful. I don't think I'm any help at all with the planning. Two lovely people came in and did all the backing for the display boards for me, which is a God send. I have also been told that OFSTED is very likely to arrive in Oct. GOD HELP ME!
I haven't started my summer holiday yet. I'm in three days this week and three next week. Plus I would really like to find a little part time job over summer.
I've just spend the last three hours grouping the pupils. I think most of the summer is going to be taken up with lesson plan and display boards and trying to figure out how to organise things.
Feeling a little bogged down by it all.
So much for me become a teacher because of all the holidays. ONLY JOKING!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter

While I'm on the subject of Harry Potter I also went to see the film Order of the Phoenix. It was quite good though as with all the rest of the film they missed a great deal of stuff out and the fight scene in the ministry of Magic was poorly done and over far too quickly. The actor who play Harry is better in this film some of the other he is a bit poor. Ron is also done bettr in this film. Previously film Ron is portrayed as Harry funny and slightly stupid sidekick (totally unlike the books) but he is on par with Harry now.

Monday, July 23, 2007


I forgot to mention I have finished reading Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows. It is book seven and the final Harry Potter book.

It isn't really one of my favourite. Though it was pleasing to read and did hold my interest. Loads of people dies in it and JK doesn't seem to bothered who she kills off so she is able to shook the reader this way. Rowling seems to tie up lots of loose ends from the other books extremely quickly as if she didn't know what else to do with them. For example Percy who ran out on his family and was interested in any of them for about four books suddenly returns hugs his parents and all is well.

Another thing I have against this book is that there is an awful all of swearing in it. Which is quite annoying for a primary school teacher who had it in her mind to read it to the kids as a class book.

I also didn't like the very last chapter. What was that about? I think JK was trying to finalise the whole of Harry's life so she won't ever have to write about him again. Though I did read somewhere she was intending to write a prequel of the lives of Harry's parents. I say let them RIP.

I did enjoy it though and the plot was well thought through. I hope she doesn't write any more. I think the world has now had enough of Harry Potter. Lets leave him to live with his family in peace.

Feeling out of my depth

Wow I have so much work to do.
I went in the school for the first time and was in a staff meeting. Nearly everything they talked about seemed to be in a different language. I hardly understood any of it. Why did they not mention this at uni? Feeling rather worried that I won't be able to cope with it all.

Have started planning what I'm going to teach them next term. The planning I seem to understand, plus I'm planning with two other people who are really nice and don't seem to mind answering my rather naive and probably stupid questions.

Meeting again tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday. I also at some point have to sort out my classroom.
Sam X

Thursday, July 19, 2007


At last I have finally found a job.
It is in a lovely little school. I am going to be teaching year 4/5. They are not my ideal year but I'm sure it will be find.
I'm having to go in during the holidays to sort out my classroom and to put displays up and sort folders and generally see how to organise things.
The staff seem lovely and I went yesterday to meet everyone and had cream teas with them all.
Sam X

Monday, July 09, 2007


At last I have got an interview. At the moment they seem to be like buses. As In the last week I have or are going to have two. I've done the first one already but didn't get the job, the feedback was quite good though. The next one is on Wednesday. Wish me luck and fingers crossed and all that.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Everyone has left me!

Everyone has gone away and left me.
Dad and Alice have gone off to Dorset for a week in their motor home. John has got a few days off so has swaned off the Yorkshire to go caving. Not one of them invited me to go with them. Don't they know me? I love going on holiday.
It is quite nice to know that I have got the whole house to myself for the week. I love being one my own. I have always wanted to live on my own just for a little while.
Sam X