Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Everyone has left me!

Everyone has gone away and left me.
Dad and Alice have gone off to Dorset for a week in their motor home. John has got a few days off so has swaned off the Yorkshire to go caving. Not one of them invited me to go with them. Don't they know me? I love going on holiday.
It is quite nice to know that I have got the whole house to myself for the week. I love being one my own. I have always wanted to live on my own just for a little while.
Sam X


John said...


It's rained non-stop in Yorkshire. Staying at White Friars. Back on Saturday morning.

John x

Anonymous said...

Dont blame you going on hol on your own at least you dont have to listen to her moan all the way up the top of a hill. and down again.