Monday, July 23, 2007


I forgot to mention I have finished reading Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows. It is book seven and the final Harry Potter book.

It isn't really one of my favourite. Though it was pleasing to read and did hold my interest. Loads of people dies in it and JK doesn't seem to bothered who she kills off so she is able to shook the reader this way. Rowling seems to tie up lots of loose ends from the other books extremely quickly as if she didn't know what else to do with them. For example Percy who ran out on his family and was interested in any of them for about four books suddenly returns hugs his parents and all is well.

Another thing I have against this book is that there is an awful all of swearing in it. Which is quite annoying for a primary school teacher who had it in her mind to read it to the kids as a class book.

I also didn't like the very last chapter. What was that about? I think JK was trying to finalise the whole of Harry's life so she won't ever have to write about him again. Though I did read somewhere she was intending to write a prequel of the lives of Harry's parents. I say let them RIP.

I did enjoy it though and the plot was well thought through. I hope she doesn't write any more. I think the world has now had enough of Harry Potter. Lets leave him to live with his family in peace.


Anonymous said...

please, please delete this pic it's disturbing to see him nearly naked.

Sam said...

Not as distrubing as the naked one I found.

Anonymous said...

i read it in 9 hours and i like the naked pic and the one on sams blog
kt xx

Ros said...

Oh god am i slow or what!! no where near half way through yet. Sodding interview prep. sodding work. leaves me burning midnight oil reading and then being a zombie at work!!!! I'll probably finish it in couple of weeks mind