Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Drum Roll Please.........

It's a big fat positive. Baby number 3 is on its way and I can't stop smiling. Gone are the previous doubts about money, where to put it and how we will manage. I've gone into doing everything by the book mode. Out goes the coffee, steaming hot baths and sherry. Bring on the gorgeously small baby clothes and let the cooing commence.

Friday, February 06, 2015

I'm I, aren't I?

This morning I took another test which has the tinest of lines so I'm still not sure if I'm pregnant or not. I also think I've got over the shock now, my mind has turned from getting fat to pretty prams and having cleavage again. I think if it turn out negative I would be very dissppointed.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Not sure if to laugh, cry or hide under the bed.

Today, for no reason accept that I felt different, I took a pregnancy test and to my shock/suprise there was the faintest trace of a pink line. Looks like baby number 3 is on there way.
After last years miscarriage I decided that my two gorgeous children were enough. I didn't want to get into the cycle trying, then the months of worrying. However, last month very gradually, broody baby ideas returned. Low and behold within 2 weeks I'm pregnant.
Not sure what to think at the moment selfish me doesn't want to put weight on again after nearly lossing 4 stone, nor are the pregnancy aches and pains or birth appealing. I have also given everything baby related away so will have to start again buying stuff.
I have always wanted three children, three seems complete to me. The idea of having a small baby to cuddle makes me smile.

PS. Not sure how I will manage without my coffee machine.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Where are the Penguins

This is a conversation that James and I had in the car yesterday.

Me: Look it's snowing.
James: Yes, lots of snow (after a moment) Mummy where are the Penguins?
Me: We don't have penguins in this country.
James: But its snowing, Penguins like the snow.
Me: Yes they do but they live far away in different countries.
James: Where are the kangaroos?
Me: Kangaroos like it hot and live in Australia.
James: Can we go?
Me: No sweetie, it is along away on an aeroplane. You can see kangaroo and penguins in a zoo.
James: Do you have to in a plane to go to the zoo?
Me: No we go in the car, there are lots of different animals.
James: Can we go on a plane to the zoo?