Sunday, February 01, 2015

Where are the Penguins

This is a conversation that James and I had in the car yesterday.

Me: Look it's snowing.
James: Yes, lots of snow (after a moment) Mummy where are the Penguins?
Me: We don't have penguins in this country.
James: But its snowing, Penguins like the snow.
Me: Yes they do but they live far away in different countries.
James: Where are the kangaroos?
Me: Kangaroos like it hot and live in Australia.
James: Can we go?
Me: No sweetie, it is along away on an aeroplane. You can see kangaroo and penguins in a zoo.
James: Do you have to in a plane to go to the zoo?
Me: No we go in the car, there are lots of different animals.
James: Can we go on a plane to the zoo?

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