Thursday, February 05, 2015

Not sure if to laugh, cry or hide under the bed.

Today, for no reason accept that I felt different, I took a pregnancy test and to my shock/suprise there was the faintest trace of a pink line. Looks like baby number 3 is on there way.
After last years miscarriage I decided that my two gorgeous children were enough. I didn't want to get into the cycle trying, then the months of worrying. However, last month very gradually, broody baby ideas returned. Low and behold within 2 weeks I'm pregnant.
Not sure what to think at the moment selfish me doesn't want to put weight on again after nearly lossing 4 stone, nor are the pregnancy aches and pains or birth appealing. I have also given everything baby related away so will have to start again buying stuff.
I have always wanted three children, three seems complete to me. The idea of having a small baby to cuddle makes me smile.

PS. Not sure how I will manage without my coffee machine.

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