Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Step away from the cake.

With a little will and a lot of effort and a huge amount of encouragement from a horrid stomach bug, I've managed to lose a whopping 2 stone.
For years I've been a size 18 and too be honest wasn't really bothered about my size. When I made an effort I scrubbed up pretty well.
However, in March I had the dreaded flu which exhausted me and I just didn't want to eat. Then I had a miscarriage and everything went wobbly and fuzzy. So it was a while before I started having proper meals. Combined that and going back to work with a pack up instead of drinking coffee and picking all day and without me realising it I had lost quite a lot.
I still didn't realise I had lost weight until May, when I visited Katie, she took one look at me and said wow, then pointed out that I had lost most of it from my arse and my clothes didn't fit.
By the end of June I weighted myself (I don't own scales) and I had lost 1.5 stone. Since then I have made a conscience effort. I no longer have pudding and biscuits after my meal. My coffee machine make such delicious coffee that I don't need sugar. I worked out that I was having at least 7 coffees a day with 2 sugars in them. The biggest thing is I've stopped picking in between meals. Apart from that I haven't changed my diet. The hardest thing was giving up cake. I've now nearly lost a total of 2 stone, I would like to get down to 12 stone, that means I have 8lbs to go.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Teeth, puddles and cats.

Hurray, Penny at last has her first tooth coming through and we all know about it. She is unsettled at night and off her food. Hopefully that tiny bottom tooth will soon be out and everything more settled.

James' lastest "job to do" seems to be digging a large hole, dumping the mud on the patio then filling the large hole with water. He then gets all his outdoor diggers in and splashes about. The result is one very muddy garden, and a very mud but very happy little boy.

Saturday night both James and Penny stopped at Grandma's while we went to a BBQ. Penny now has a new word to her vocab, cat. Though it sounds more like at.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy 4th July

Happy independants day to all the people across the pond. I'm not American, but I like any excuse for a themed party, so tonight we are having an 4th July BBQ. I have made a yummy cake and going to hunt out some Missippi mud pie for pud. Along with red, white and blue attire, we are going to have some cosmos and Manhattens.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Aldi Baby and Toddler Event. Big Bargins Tomorrow.

As a big Aldi fan, I felt I had a write a post about their Baby and Toddler event which starts tomorrow. As with most of Aldi events, it is a case of, when it's gone it's gone, so to grab a bargain get in early.
Thanks to Hotdeals.com this is a list of some of the goodies on offer.

Hauck Go S Lightweight Buggy - £18.99
Lindam Sure Start Porte Safety Gate - £14.99
Munchkin Travel Booster Seat - £14.99
Nappies Jumbo Box Size 3 (98 pack) - £6.99 Loads of other sizes and quantities available
Swim Pants - £2.49
Baby Wipes Multipack 4 x 64 - £2.19
Nappy Sacks 150 - 89p
Nuby Baby Bath Toys - £2.89
Hooded Baby Towel - £3.49
Aqueous Cream - £1.99
Calpol - £1.89
Sudocrem 125ml - £2.35
Nurofen for Children Fever - £2.69
Cot Bed Quilt Cover Set - £7.99
Cellular Blanket - £2.99
Luxury Baby 3D Blanket - £4.99
Mega Muslin Cloths (3) - £8.99
Baby Socks 5's - £2.49
Baby Shoes - £2.99
UV Infant Playshade - £17.99
Avent New-Born Starter Kit - £9.99
Avent Microwave Steriliser - £9.99
Nuby Grip n' Sip Cup - £1.79
Tommee Tippee First Cup - 99p
Tommee Tippee Soothers 2 - £1.29
Nuby Flip-it Cup/Pop Up Cup - £1.99
Nuby Baby Teether - £1.99
Tommee Tippee Feeding Spoons 6 - 99p
Tommee Tippee Baby Food Bowls 3 - £1.49
Ella's Kitchen The Yellow One/Red One 5 - £2.49
Griptight Flexi Folding Bib - £1.89

Happy shopping.
PS. I think the nappies are fab.