Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer at last.

After weeks and weeks of rain the sun has finally shown its face. All the outdoor toys are outside. The paddling pool has been filled up and emptied by James with his bucket. He doesn't really get the fact you are meant to go in it and he stands round the edge splashing. Yesterday I got sunburnt, today I'm trying to get rid of the strap marks from yesterday.
Still house hunting. Hopefully we might have found somewhere. x

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Busy few days.

We are all shattered at home. We have had a busy few days. On Wednesday we nipped over to Col's and dropped off Jess present. James played with Marley. Though he did manage to bang his head by trying to wrestle Marley from behind, only they both fell backward and James banged his head on the door.
On Thurdays Col and Marley visited. Went into town got James a few T-shirts in the sale. We both then went to mums, as Katie was visiting. James and Marley both stayed up very late. They played nicely together. James managed to fall off a wine rack and cut his cheek on some plastic bricks.
On Friday I went shopping in Lincoln with Hol. We were both looking for an outfit to wear for Saturday. Didn't find anything, but had a good time. Met John and James at mums, then went to Partney for tea as it was Grandmas birthday. Another late night for James.
On Saturday we met John's dad and family at Rand Farm Park. James enjoyed looking round the animals and feeding them. Christine cooked us tea. James manage to fall down the caravan steps. Then the kids all had a play. It was really lovely place to go. Would go back there.
Today, we went to Cadwell park to see car racing. It was good as well. There were 4 races of different lengths and cars. Found a nice grassy spot with plenty of space for James. He loved playing with the grass cuttings and dads watch. James managed to fall down the hill.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sure start party

James and I went to Sure Start today. I didn't realise it was the last one of the term and they were having a mini party. James always makes himself at home here. He managed to find an old push button phone with a long curly cord, he spent all morning obsessing with it. A older kid took it off him and James stalker him and as soon as he put it down James snapped it back up. He didn't even want to go outside on the slide. He just toddled around thrusting the phone at different people making them pretend to talk into it, they tried of give it back to him but he kept forcing it at them to carry on. I left him to it.
James had a major paddy when it was time to pack up, he didn't want to give his phone up. Crying was subsided by party food. Each children was given a bowl, James just sat as near to all the food as possible and gobbled it (who needs a plate). He wasn't interested in pass the parcel, though he didn't like the yo yo which he got. Had a lovely time. It completely worn him out.
We had a walk into town and picked up some cakes for this afternoon. I left James with James and went to help clean Grandmas house. Dad and Janet were there. We all tackled a room each, took a while but got it done. When I got home John had cooked Cottage pie, it was yummy. 
James has discovered the joy of walking backwards, he makes him smile every time he does it. He also enjoys dragging things around at the moment. Trucks, telephones, electric cables and monkey in baby reins. 

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Torch Relay Holbeach

James and I went to see the torch relay in Holbech today. James had already seen it in Boston with his Daddy. We met Col and Marley at the sure start centre and the boys had a little play before we walked down to the town centre. We managed to find a spot where we could see. Marley and James made a tinfoil torch out of a loo roll. James preferred to splash in the puddle as to look what was going on, and instead of waving his torch proceeded to throw it in the puddle and watch it splash. When it when by he was watching but just looked confused and chewed his finger. He was quite fascinated by police motorcycles, hopefully he won't want to be a policeman when he is older.  After the parade, we went to St Ives to pick up a wooden market stall for Marley. St Ives is nice. Went to a pub and had a burger which was raw (twice) ended up hungry. Made up for it by eating a huge ice cream. Had to put up with screaming on the way back from the boys. Marleys car seat has an arm rest, James wanted it up and Marley wanted it down, screaming followed. Had to ply them with food to keep them quiet. Marley ate his, James sat on his.