Sunday, July 22, 2012

Busy few days.

We are all shattered at home. We have had a busy few days. On Wednesday we nipped over to Col's and dropped off Jess present. James played with Marley. Though he did manage to bang his head by trying to wrestle Marley from behind, only they both fell backward and James banged his head on the door.
On Thurdays Col and Marley visited. Went into town got James a few T-shirts in the sale. We both then went to mums, as Katie was visiting. James and Marley both stayed up very late. They played nicely together. James managed to fall off a wine rack and cut his cheek on some plastic bricks.
On Friday I went shopping in Lincoln with Hol. We were both looking for an outfit to wear for Saturday. Didn't find anything, but had a good time. Met John and James at mums, then went to Partney for tea as it was Grandmas birthday. Another late night for James.
On Saturday we met John's dad and family at Rand Farm Park. James enjoyed looking round the animals and feeding them. Christine cooked us tea. James manage to fall down the caravan steps. Then the kids all had a play. It was really lovely place to go. Would go back there.
Today, we went to Cadwell park to see car racing. It was good as well. There were 4 races of different lengths and cars. Found a nice grassy spot with plenty of space for James. He loved playing with the grass cuttings and dads watch. James managed to fall down the hill.

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