Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Torch Relay Holbeach

James and I went to see the torch relay in Holbech today. James had already seen it in Boston with his Daddy. We met Col and Marley at the sure start centre and the boys had a little play before we walked down to the town centre. We managed to find a spot where we could see. Marley and James made a tinfoil torch out of a loo roll. James preferred to splash in the puddle as to look what was going on, and instead of waving his torch proceeded to throw it in the puddle and watch it splash. When it when by he was watching but just looked confused and chewed his finger. He was quite fascinated by police motorcycles, hopefully he won't want to be a policeman when he is older.  After the parade, we went to St Ives to pick up a wooden market stall for Marley. St Ives is nice. Went to a pub and had a burger which was raw (twice) ended up hungry. Made up for it by eating a huge ice cream. Had to put up with screaming on the way back from the boys. Marleys car seat has an arm rest, James wanted it up and Marley wanted it down, screaming followed. Had to ply them with food to keep them quiet. Marley ate his, James sat on his.

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