Thursday, June 28, 2012


I wasn't looking forward to my birthday last year. I had been asked to work and feeling a bit down. It was  OK. I opened my presents in the morning. From John I got a resin kit and a load of pocket watch insides to play with. I got loads of books which is great as I have ran out. I also got some wine, vodka and toffees so I can make toffee vodka. I got a lovely handbag from Katie and wine. I got a going out handbag from Col and a purse. From Vic I got a hair appointment which I have just now. From Dad I got a hair appointment and a facial. Hol got me loads of wine. From Mum I got a lovely skirt, wine, face mask and lotion and a Yankee candle.
In the evening Dad came round and we had Indian and played scrabble. On Sunday we made the mistake of going to Brocklesby show, because it had been so wet the whole field was a quagmire. It was good to see Hol. On Tuesday Dad and Col and family when for a meal.
So all in all a good birthday.

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