Friday, September 30, 2011


I wasn't sure where to write this post. I'm worried that I will forget the little things about James when he was a baby. So I thought I would write a post to help me remember.

The fact that it was 2 weeks before I figured out that after James had fallen asleep on me after a feed, that I could put him down in his mosses basket. I was worried that I would wake him up, so used to sit with him on the sofa not moving, until I began ache.
The way after I had feed him he would need winding and if he had fallen asleep he would curl himself around my arm like a little hedgehog.

If he wanted feed he would snuffle like a pig on my chest, like a pig finding truffles (little truffle pig).

His first proper food was a rusk in milk, which he had at 4 months. Katie feed him his first banana because I hate bananas, it is one of his favourites now. He first yoghurt was strawberry and he had it at a Roman fort on Hadrians wall.

When he was 6 months old Colleen tried to juggle with him and dropped him on his head. It gave him a black eye.

Up until he was four months old he growled a lot.

After a fed even if he was asleep, when he was finished he would stretch he little arms and curl his legs into an S shape.

Up until 4 months every time he was winded after a feed he was sick everywhere. Not only did we carry spare clothes for James around with us, but also spare for John and I. We use to cover all the surrounding surfaces with muslim cloths, then one under his neck, plus a bid. You never saw the nice clothes he was wearing because he had a bib on. At 4 months we started to fed him, use a small spoonful of rusk and milk after that the being sick stopped and so did the whining. I guess he either had a milk colic or he was hungry all the time.

The way it took us a while to pluck up the nerve to bath him when we first got him home. He had a bath at the hospital and screamed all the way through it. We had a go about 2 weeks after we got him home. We did the temperature that is recommended, still he screamed. The next bath we did we ran the water warmer and he loved it and has loved water every since.

Due to me and James having to stop an extra night in the hospital we ran out of baby clothes. John had to go to Asda and get some before he visited us. He also bought a blue blanket.

Before he was crawling, he used to commando shuffle backwards. John and I would leave the room for a few minutes and when we return we would find him sat up in a different place. We knew he could get about but didn't realise he could sit himself up. Was quite a while before we caught him doing it.

This is all I can think off at the moment.

Off to Bristol this weekend for wine tasting.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

This week I have manly been...

Have a bit of a busy week. To my suprise I have managed to get all 10 return to work day on school. I even having to turn work down. So things are looking good for October.
We have all been bunged up with colds. James seemed to have got it the worst and is keeping us awake most of the night. Luckly John gets up to him a lot.
Have started Christmas shopping. The we are not going to get James a lot because he won't remember, has gone out of the window. He would probably be just as happy with a new water cup, a cardboard tube and a piece of cheese.
Went to Stanford book fair yesterday, but it was rubbish. It was nice seeing katie. We had lunch and a wonder around, but didn't really like the place and it was a nightmare to get parked.
Went to see Jane Eyre with mum. It was ok. Quite true to the book. It seemed really slow but then the book was. I prefer Jane Austin, there is more humour.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

General stuff.

Been busy working this week. It is nice to be back. James has started to crawl backwards this week. He looks a bit like a seal out of water. But he is getting better. He is being a bit of a pain at night, because he can wiggle and move around he goes and explores his cot. He ends up stuck at one end telling his head off. Just watching Holby, someone always falls over outside the hospital. 

Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Had a fab first day. It was in a lovely little school. Pleased it is over with as now I know that I'm ready to go back and haven't forgotten how to do it. Spent this morning ringing a few school to tell them that I am back. I also need to go into town today and go to the bank, boots and it do a bit of shopping.


Monday, September 05, 2011

First day of school.

OH Gosh.
Feeling a little nervous today as it is my first day back at school. I sound like I'm 5 years old. I have new trousers which are a rubbish fit, but the only ones I could find, and new shoes which I know are going to give me a blister. I can feel myself getting tense. I have already shouted at John for whistling, but it really wasn't necessary.
At least I'm starting slow an afternoon only. Apparently I'm teaching netball and taking them swimming. Have been on the internet this morning trying to remember how to play netball. Hope the school has a court and balls.

A cup of coffee I think to calm the nerve then off.

Wish me luck.