Sunday, September 25, 2011

This week I have manly been...

Have a bit of a busy week. To my suprise I have managed to get all 10 return to work day on school. I even having to turn work down. So things are looking good for October.
We have all been bunged up with colds. James seemed to have got it the worst and is keeping us awake most of the night. Luckly John gets up to him a lot.
Have started Christmas shopping. The we are not going to get James a lot because he won't remember, has gone out of the window. He would probably be just as happy with a new water cup, a cardboard tube and a piece of cheese.
Went to Stanford book fair yesterday, but it was rubbish. It was nice seeing katie. We had lunch and a wonder around, but didn't really like the place and it was a nightmare to get parked.
Went to see Jane Eyre with mum. It was ok. Quite true to the book. It seemed really slow but then the book was. I prefer Jane Austin, there is more humour.

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