Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Gosh I'm I feeling rough. Got a cold. Think it is from shouting at small children. Or maybe they have just given me all their nasty germs. Most of the staff are off at the school I'm teaching in. Great for me as I'm working, but feeling rough. Might have to go and hide in the cupboard.
I've had a lovely day today. I think most of the children are too ill to fight back.

Only have a week to go and it is half term. Think I may have to spend all week in bed.

Sam X

Friday, February 02, 2007

Welcome to February.

I always think February is a funny month to spell. It should be spelt as it sounds Feb-ur-ary.
Any way it has to be better than January. It is the worst month for suicides. The weather is cold, it is dark and gloomy in the mornings. so all you want to do is stick you head under the blankets and go back to sleep until March. I don';t see why we (humans) don't hibinate. Wouldn't it be fantastic that come end of November to store enough food till March and curl up in a ball and sleep. Maybe it is just me being lazy.

I balls up the other day. I thought I was working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Wrong!!! At 9:15 on Tuesday got a call asking where I was!! IN BED WHERE ALL THE NORMAL PEOPLE ARE ON THEIR DAY OFF. Apparently I was in Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. As in all day Tuesday and Wednesday but only in on Thursday afternoon. ARSE! Felt a bit of a prat. Nevermind.

Sam X