Wednesday, July 25, 2007

So much to do.

I never realised that there is so much to sort out even before I have started to teach. Of course I realised that there was going to be planning and all that but there is so much more.
The guy who was teaching in there before me has left the classroom in a bit of a state. I have just started to tidy out my cupboard and unearthed loads of stuff that the school have thought they had lost and teachers have been looking for for ages.
Blue tack is like gold. Which thankfully the teacher I'm replacing seemed to have a blue tack fetish so I have hordes of the stuff. Maybe I should start selling it.
The staff are really nice and extremely helpful. I don't think I'm any help at all with the planning. Two lovely people came in and did all the backing for the display boards for me, which is a God send. I have also been told that OFSTED is very likely to arrive in Oct. GOD HELP ME!
I haven't started my summer holiday yet. I'm in three days this week and three next week. Plus I would really like to find a little part time job over summer.
I've just spend the last three hours grouping the pupils. I think most of the summer is going to be taken up with lesson plan and display boards and trying to figure out how to organise things.
Feeling a little bogged down by it all.
So much for me become a teacher because of all the holidays. ONLY JOKING!!

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Anonymous said...

maybe you could be like a drug lord to all the teachers but with blue tack you make the lil kids in to runners think of the power...
followed by manic laught HA HA HA!!!
kt xx