Friday, June 04, 2010

Car insurance.

My car insurance is due in a few days. Every year I have to mess around to find a new insurer because the old one keep putting the price up. I have had a go 3rd party because it is so much cheaper. It means I won't be able to drive other people cars, which I like doing.
Sorry, moan over.
I has been a beautiful few days here is sunny Boston. I managed to get a little bit burnt yesterday. Must remember to buy some sun cream. Was in the garden making some jewellery. I just forgot how long I was out there. Lastest make is in the picture above.
Business cards arrived today, very exciting. Though there is a mistake on them, but John didn't notice so hopefully nobody else will. They have arrive just in time as I have a show on Sunday. Louth classic car and country show.

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