Monday, June 21, 2010

Week 6

We are into week 6. Month and half pregnant. This week have finally got the Doctors appointment on Thursday. Looking forward to someone confirming I am pregnant, because even though I feel tired and a little bit sick, there has been not other symptoms. The weekend away was interesting. Was all the time thinking that Dad would realise that I wasn't drinking and guess why. Still have an urge to tell everyone. Still only 6 weeks to go.
Have my birthday to get through next. That should be easy because everyone is drinking and therefore won't notice that I'm not.
Colleen and Katie keeps on about wanting to go to Pleasure Island for a day trip. Again I won't be able to go on the big rough rides. Colleen wants to book her hen party and go to Go Ape, which I won't be able to do. Rubbish.
I ate scampi today by mistake. I knew it was scampi, but I always thought scampi was fish. Whoops. John was eating melted Camembert yesterday. I also have to change my menu for Colleen's wedding.
But apart from me moaning about all the things I can't do or eat. I'm still excited and fascinated about it all. The baby is now the size of a large bean, around 1.2cm. We have already decided not to find out what sex it is. I'm starting to say name ideas to John. The decision is that he chooses the boys name and I get to choose the girls but we both have to agree. I have 2 that stand out already but I'm not telling just yet.

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