Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Doctor appointment.

Really nervous about it. I have been in school all day, so had to rush home, then rush out again. Probably for the best as I didn't have long to think about it. John finished work early to come with me, he is going to come to them all. The Doctor was lovely, very young and friendly. He had a young family and was telling us what happened to his wife. Went through the dos and don'ts, I had already read about most of it. He was very congratulatory, which was lovely because we haven't told anyone yet.
The only question we had was that I have been suffering for migraines and I didn't know what medication to take. The only think that works is a cold compress and a dark room and try to sleep through it. Still haven't got morning sickness yet. I have lost my appetite, which is a pain for John as he doesn't get fed. Then all of a sudden it comes back and I need a certain food, normal something dry.
We have also booked in an appointment at the midwife. It is on the 9th July. It will be the blood tests. Explained to the doctor that I don't really do needles and he said that if I have any problems to see him and he would take the blood.
So we are all happy. It is nice to know that Bean Baby is acutely there and I haven't just made him up. Scan will be in week 11 or 12. Can't wait to see him and make it seem all real. Will also give us something to some people when we tell them.

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