Monday, April 16, 2012


James is beginning to connect things together. For example this morning I got he mat out ready for breakfast and he when across to his high chair and started to pull it, knowing that the mat goes with the high chair. Also today I had finished my yoghurt, he was looking in my bowl. I held it up and said gone. He then held up his plate and repeated the sounds. His favourite books are the type with flaps he can open. We read Dear Zoo together, every time we reach the monkey I make a monkey sound. Today (we haven't read it for a while because we like Oh Dear at the moment.) went we reached the monkey he made the monkey noise before me.

He seems to be feeling a little better today. Though last night at 4:00 he had to have a bath because he was sick everywhere.

We are going to the National Trust open day on Saturday, a few of the houses are open for free. Depending on the weather, depends on where we go. If it is cold we are going to Southwell workhouse and if it looks better weather we are going to head into Derbyshire.

We think we might have found a house, at last. Going to look at it on Sunday and decide.

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