Thursday, January 05, 2012

Blood Tests

Had the first lot of blood tests on Wednesday. I hate having them done, it isn't the pain of the needle it is the thought of the blood being drawn out. Makes me go all hot and bothered. The scan is all booked in on 7th Feb. Hopefully mum will look after James the night before, I don't fancy him being there and he is also getting to the stage where as soon as the buggy stops moving he wants to get out.
James have 4 top teeth nearly poking through, this might explain why he has gone off his food and is all grumpy and clingy. When to baby peep today, he likes it there and has a good explore and look at the other babies. I just have to be careful that he doesn't go for their eyes.
Feel very tired and sick. Also I've had headache for the last 4 days. Can't seem to get rid of it. I had forgot how much I don't like being pregnant and how tired it makes me. I'm also being very fussy about what I eat. Have gone off sweet things.

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